The Wind In The Rose Bush

Author: Mary Wilkins
Publisher: Tutis Digital Pub
ISBN: 9788132011750
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Ford Village has no railroad station, being on the other side of the river from Porter’s Falls, and accessible only by the ford which gives it its name, and a ferry line.


Author: Leila Meacham
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 9780446558105
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Spanning the 20th century, the story of Roses takes place in a small East Texas town against the backdrop of the powerful timber and cotton industries, industries controlled by the scions of the town's founding families. Cotton tycoon Mary Toliver and timber magnate Percy Warwick should have married but unwisely did not, and now must deal with the deceit, secrets, and tragedies of their choice and the loss of what might have been--not just for themselves but for their children, and children's children. With expert, unabashed, big-canvas storytelling, Roses covers a hundred years, three generations of Texans and the explosive combination of passion for work and longing for love.

The Mary E Wilkins Freeman Megapack

Author: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434442861
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Victorian author Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (1852-1930) is most remembered today for her ghost stories, but she was a prolific and popular author in many genres: not only the supernatural, but mystery and suspense, romance, and especially contemporary fiction were her speciality. She produced more than two dozen volumes of published short stories and novels. For this volume, we have grouped the most famous of her supernatural stories together at the beginning, then moved on to more mainstream works. I’m certain you will find something you enjoy; her interests and subject matter were broad, and her work holds up remarkably well today. Included in this volume: THE WIND IN THE ROSE-BUSH THE SHADOWS ON THE WALL LUELLA MILLER THE SOUTHWEST CHAMBER THE VACANT LOT THE LOST GHOST A FAR-AWAY MELODY THE LITTLE MAID AT THE DOOR A SYMPHONY IN LAVENDER THE HALL BEDROOM A GENTLE GHOST THE TWELFTH GUEST THE JADE BRACELET THE WITCH'S DAUGHTER THE PRISM THE POT OF GOLD THE COW WITH GOLDEN HORNS PRINCESS ROSETTA AND THE POP-CORN MAN THE CHRISTMAS MONKS THE PUMPKIN GIANT THE CHRISTMAS MASQUERADE DILL THE SILVER HEN TOBY THE PATCHWORK SCHOOL THE SQUIRE'S SIXPENCE A PLAIN CASE THE STRANGER IN THE VILLAGE THE BOUND GIRL DEACON THOMAS WALES'S WILL THE ADOPTED DAUGHTER TWO OLD LOVERS THE BAR LIGHT-HOUSE THE STORY OF LITTLE MARY WHITLOW A MISTAKEN CHARITY ON THE WALPOLE ROAD A HUMBLE ROMANCE A MODERN DRAGON AN HONEST SOUL A MORAL EXIGENCY A TASTE OF HONEY A GATHERER OF SIMPLES BRAKES AND WHITE VI'LETS AN OBJECT OF LOVE A SOUVENIR OLD LADY PINGREE A WAYFARING COUPLE IN BUTTERFLY TIME AN OLD ARITHMETICIAN ROBINS AND HAMMERS GENTIAN A CONFLICT ENDED THE "HORSE HOUSE" DEED AN UNWILLING GUEST CINNAMON ROSES A WANDERING SAMARITAN A LOVER OF FLOWERS A PATIENT WAITER A CONQUEST OF HUMILITY If you enjoyed this Megapack, please check out the rest of the series -- covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, westerns, classic authors, and much, much more! Search on "Wildside Megapack" in your favorite ebook store to see the whole list.


Author: Michele Jaffe
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748122443
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Jane is found, near death, in a rosebush - a victim of hit and run. But as she's convalescing she realizes that her friends' stories and her memories of what happened that night aren't adding up. And now the only thing she does know is that one of her friends isn't so friendly. One of them tried to kill her. Sometimes the truth is a very thorny thing. . .

Fables And Plants

Author: Peter K. Chen
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1770679200
Size: 29.39 MB
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Most American readers have only heard of Aesop's Fables, as he is the most prominent fable writer. But there were three major regions of the world that produced prolific fables: China, Greece and India. This book is an English translation of a Chinese collection of fables from editor Gao Jing Xuan. While most fables use animals as their main characters, this book is unique in that it uses plants to teach moral lessons. The fables included are from both modern and classical Chinese authors. In Fables and Plants, we emphasize plants because they are often not given the same attention in fables as animals. But plants were created by God before He created animals and human beings. Plants are also colorful, beautiful and fragrant and can provide great comfort and pleasure to humans. The Three Friends of Winter (bamboo, pine and plum) and Four Gentleman's Flowers (Orchid in Spring, Lotus in summer, Chrysanthemum in the Fall and Plum in the winter) were highly praised and loved by Chinese poets and artists. All of these plants were included in these stories.

The Book Of Halloween

Author: Ruth Edna Kelly
ISBN: 1291098437
Size: 34.61 MB
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This book is intended to give the reader an account of the origin and history of Hallowe'en, how it absorbed some customs belonging to other days in the year,—such as May Day, Midsummer, and Christmas. The context is illustrated by selections from ancient and modern poetry and prose, related to Hallowe'en ideas. Those who wish suggestions for readings, recitations, plays, and parties, will find the lists in the appendix useful, in addition to the books on entertainments and games to be found in any public library. Special acknowledgment is made to Messrs. E. P. Dutton & Company for permission to use the poem entitled "Hallowe'en" from "The Spires of Oxford and Other Poems," by W. M. Letts; to Messrs. Longmans, Green & Company for the poem "Pomona," by William Morris; and to the Editors of The Independent for the use of five poems.

Forgotten Fantasy

Author: Robert Reginald
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434492389
Size: 44.96 MB
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The second issue of this classic magazine features: "The Goddess of Atvatabar (Part 2)," by William R. Bradshaw; "When the Gods Slept," by Lord Dunsany; "The Shadows on the Wall," by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman; "Memnon; or, Human Wisdom," by Voltaire, more.

A Mary Wilkins Freeman Reader

Author: Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803219984
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Mary Wilkins Freeman (1852?1930), born in Randolph, Massachusetts, began to publish stories about New England in the early 1880s. In the following decades, Freeman drew widespread praise for her intimate portraits of women and her realistic depictions of rural New England life. She published short stories, essays, novels, plays, and children?s books. ø Her stories, written in a clear and direct prose, are remarkable for their unpretentious, sympathetic portrayals of the lives of ordinary New Englanders of Freeman?s era. Many of the stories depict rebellion against oppressive social and private conditions. Others describe conflicting desires for independence and lasting relationships. ø This volume of twenty-eight stories is the first to provide a representative sample of Freeman?s finest work, from all phases of her career. It makes plain why Freeman (in the words of editor Mary R. Reichardt) is widely recognized as an important figure ?in the history of American women?s fiction . . . and the development of the American short story.?