Trust Tourism Development And Planning

Author: Robin Nunkoo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135972494
Size: 29.17 MB
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The dynamics of trust and distrust are central to understanding modern society, social relations, and development processes. However, numerous studies suggest that societal trust and citizen’s trust in government and its institutions are on the decline, challenging the legitimacy of government and leading to an undemocratic and unsustainable form of development. Recognizing its importance, the authors for the first time situate trust within the context of tourism development and planning. This volume discusses trust in tourism from different yet intrinsically connected perspectives. Chapters review how diminishing societal trust may have adversely affected tourism planning systems, the role of trust in good tourism governance and sustainable tourism, how trust can be used as a facilitator of participatory tourism planning, political trust in tourism institutions, power and how tourism development can be a basis for trust creation among society members by using social capital theory. In addition, a final section on ‘Researching Trust in Tourism Development’ means that readers are not only provided a thorough theoretical framework on trust and an understanding of its importance for sustainable tourism and good governance of the sector, but also methodological aspects of research on trust in the context of tourism development and planning. This significant volume is valuable reading for students, academics and researchers interested in tourism development and planning.

Tourism Planning

Author: Colin Michael Hall
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780582320284
Size: 78.88 MB
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Tourism and Planning provides a fresh and stimulating approach to a major area of tourism studies, examining the key concepts of tourism planning. It emphasises the primary themes of tourism planning, examining the forces (at a global, regional and local level) which drive planning, and how tourism is integrated into existing economic, social, natural, business and political environments.* provides an accessible and up-to-date resource for students tackling this complex subject for the first time* draws on examples from around the world, including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas* discusses the relational nature of tourism planning from the international and national settings through to destination planning and then to individual sites* emphasises the critical role of collaboration, networking and trust in tourism planning* discusses the forces and processes at macro and micro level which drive tourism planning and development* tackles head on the issue of sustainabilityC.Michael Hall is based at the Centre for Tourism, University of otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. He also holds positions as Senior Research Fellow at the New Zealand Natu

Tourism Planning

Author: Clare A. Gunn
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415932691
Size: 45.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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One of the fastest growing sectors of the modern economy, tourism is a complicated phenomenon and the pressures it creates on the natural and social environment have become major issues. This text presents an overview of the subject and suggests positive guidelines.

Social Impact Management Through Planning And Development

Author: Adam Tell Metzger
Size: 12.25 MB
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This study proposes a new approach to tourism planning and development based on three threads in the literature on social impact management: (1) the current approach to tourism studies; (2) the writings and activities of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture; and, (3) the emerging field of Hedonic Psychology. Combining the best efforts of each of these fields -- respectively, understanding the tensions that arise in tourist areas, developing real-world projects, and understanding the psychological drivers of wellbeing -- creates this new approach, which I call the "Hedonic Psychology Approach." To illustrate the application or this approach and to expose the process of planning and development according to this approach, salient features of the Stone Town of Zanzibar are presented, including brief descriptions of the spatial, social, political, and economic conditions of the historic area. Several recommendations are proposed, from improving open space design to maximize interactions among people, to increasing the coordination new development to institutionalize the potential benefits of the new approach.

Tourism Policy And Planning

Author: David L. Edgell Sr
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136286349
Size: 42.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The wellspring to the future global growth in tourism is a commitment toward good policy and strategic planning. Governments, the private sector, international organizations, academic institutions, and not-for-profit agencies must be the leaders in developing sustainable tourism policies that transcend the economic benefits and embrace environmental and cultural interests as well. Tourism Policy and Planning: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (second edition) offers a comprehensive look into the policy process and how policies link to the strategic planning function as well as influence planning at the local, national and international levels. This second edition has been fully revised and updated with important new chapters and case studies that reflect the many important developments in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry and subsequent new policies and plans needed to better understand the nuances and issues in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. The second edition features: Updates to reflect recent developments and issues ranging from global economic and cultural issues to concerns for increased national and local leadership in tourism policy and strategic planning Three new chapters: “Barriers and Obstacles to International Travel”, “The International Tourism Policy Process”, and “Transformative Leadership, Poverty Alleviation and Tourism Policies” New case studies throughout the book to illustrate practical applications of policy and planning at the international, regional, national and local levels to provide a solid foundation for a better understanding of new travel and tourism concepts and issues Examination of the past, present, and future of tourism policy development and strategic planning to equip professionals, academicians, and students to better understand the global tourism marketplace.

Tourism Culture And Development

Author: Stroma Cole
Publisher: Channel View Publications
ISBN: 184541229X
Size: 51.31 MB
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Can tourism help a poor remote community to develop? How much does tourism change a village? How can a village have the benefits tourism offers without the problems it can cause? These are the questions that lie at the core of this text. Using an anthropologist’s eye and a high degree of trust, this book uncovers the story of tourism development in two small villages on a remote island of Eastern Indonesia.The ethnography provides a rich description of life in a non-western marginal community in a contemporary global context and how they face the challenge of balancing socio-economic integration and cultural distinction. It uncovers the conflicts of tourism development between a poor community, tourists, governments and brokers. This micro study has ramifications beyond the locality. Many other villages in Indonesia are experiencing similar issues. Many of the challenges are relevant to peripheral communities across the globe. Themes in this book will resonate with studies of tourism, tourists, development, globalisation and cultural change from around the world.

Understanding The Sustainable Development Of Tourism

Author: Janne J. Liburd
Publisher: Goodfellow Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781906884130
Size: 54.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This text provides tourism students, educators, industry planners, researchers, managers and operators with the latest thinking on a comprehensive range of themes addressing the sustainable development of tourism.

Tourism Impacts Planning And Management

Author: Peter Mason
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317704371
Size: 44.30 MB
Format: PDF
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Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management is a unique text, which links these three crucial areas of tourism - impacts, planning and management. Tourism impacts are multi-faceted and therefore are difficult to plan for and manage. This title looks at all the key players involved - be they tourists, host communities or industry members - and considers a number of approaches and techniques for managing tourism impacts successfully. Now in a third edition, this bestselling text has been fully revised to include: New material on: terrorism, sustainability, climate change, sex tourism, heritage tourism, theories of tourism planning and GIS. New chapter on Destination Planning and Management Updated tourism data and statistics Case studies on urban tourism, pro-poor tourism, cruise ship tourism, coral reef tourism, historic monuments, eco-labels, codes of conduct and sustainable tourism from both developed and developing regions, including Australia, Iceland, Spain, the UK, Namibia, the Arctic and Antarctica. A companion website including PPTs, video and web links. The text is written in an accessible style and includes a plethora of features that engage and aid understanding. This accessible yet academically rigorous introduction to tourism impacts, planning and management is essential reading for all tourism students.