Told In The Coffee House Turkish Tales

Author: Cyrus Adler
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465614168
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Not far from the famous Mosque Bayezid an old Hodja kept a school, and very skilfully he taught the rising generation the everlasting lesson from the Book of Books. Such knowledge had he of human nature that by a glance at his pupil he could at once tell how long it would take him to learn a quarter of the Koran. He was known over the whole Empire as the best reciter and imparter of the Sacred Writings of the Prophet. For many years this Hodja, famed far and wide as the Hodja of Hodjas, had taught in this little school. The number of times he had recited the Book with his pupils is beyond counting; and should we attempt to consider how often he must have corrected them for some misplaced word, our beards would grow gray in the endeavor. Swaying to and fro one day as fast as his old age would let him, and reciting to his pupils the latter part of one of the chapters, Bakara, divine inspiration opened his inward eye and led him to pause at the following sentence: "And he that spends his money in the ways of Allah is likened unto a grain of wheat that brings forth seven sheaves, and in each sheaf an hundred grains; and Allah giveth twofold unto whom He pleaseth." As his pupils, one after the other, recited this verse to him, he wondered why he had overlooked its meaning for so many years. Fully convinced that anything either given to Allah, or in the way that He proposes, was an investment that brought a percentage undreamed of in known commerce, he dismissed his pupils, and putting his hand into his bosom drew forth from the many folds of his dress a bag, and proceeded to count his worldly possessions. Carefully and attentively he counted and then recounted his money, and found that if invested in the ways of Allah it would bring a return of no less than one thousand piasters. "Think of it," said the Hodja to himself, "one thousand piasters! One thousand piasters! Mashallah! a fortune." So, having dismissed his school, he sallied forth, his bag of money in his hand, and began distributing its contents to the needy that he met in the highways. Ere many hours had passed the whole of his savings was gone. The Hodja was very happy; for now he was the creditor in Allah's books for one thousand piasters.

Reading Fictions 1660 1740

Author: Kate Loveman
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754662372
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Kate Loveman explores the ways in which seventeenth- and eighteenth-century reading habits were applied to and shaped genres. Examining works by authors such as Defoe, Swift, Richardson and Fielding, she recovers a lost critical discourse through which authors and readers interrogated, mocked, and elaborated fictions. Her lively book offers a striking new approach to Restoration and eighteenth-century literature and politics, in particular to understanding the development of the novel.

The Coffee Shop That Changed A Church

Author: Steve Parr
ISBN: 9781940269078
Size: 69.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An instructional book told in narrative style, The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church: Discovering the Net Effect is as engaging as any good fiction. Author Steve Parr has emerged as a respected voice in communicating the true dynamics of churches that thrive in reaching and making disciples. His ideas are not only theoretical; he led a ministry that baptized over 1500 people in fourteen years. Parr's story follows Mitch Walker, fresh out of seminary, as he struggles to find his way as the new pastor of a small and aging congregation. After two years, the ambitious pastor realizes he is a shepherd whose flock is content with grazing alone out in the pasture-that is, until a chance encounter with a neighboring pastor turns his ministry upside down. The experienced pastor offers to meet regularly with Mitch at a nearby coffee shop to share his innovative strategies for leading an evangelism movement, called the Net Effect. The story flows between Mitch's successes in helping the church become more outwardly focused, the resistance he faces from key leaders, and the lessons he learns from the six essentials of the Net Effect. Through Mitch's successes and failures, readers learn how to apply key practices for helping a church become intentionally evangelistic and thus more healthy and vibrant. Evangelistic effectiveness, leadership tools, and the importance of relationships are presented as Parr creatively weaves together drama, humor, and instruction. More specific topics include leadership, personal evangelism, proclamation evangelism, evangelism through small groups, and servant evangelism. Dr. Parr crafted this book not only for pastors, but also for deacons, Bible study leaders, staff members, and church members who hold any leadership role within the church. In a fresh and entertaining format, The Coffee Shop that Changed a Church inspires, equips, and motivates readers to reach out and make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Fish In Exile

Author: Vi Nao
Publisher: Coffee House Press
ISBN: 1566894506
Size: 66.26 MB
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Praise for Vi Khi Nao: "Here I was allowed to forget for a while that that is what books aspire to tell, so taken was I by more enthralling and mysterious pleasures." —Carole Maso How do you bear the death of a child? With fishtanks and jellyfish burials, Persephone's pomegranate seeds, and affairs with the neighbors. Fish in Exile spins unimaginable loss through classical and magical tumblers, distorting our view so that we can see the contours of a parent's grief all the more clearly. Vi Khi Nao was born in Long Khanh, Vietnam. Vi's work includes poetry, fiction, film and cross-genre collaboration. Her poetry collection, The Old Philosopher, was the winner of 2014 Nightboat Poetry Prize. Her novel, Fish In Exile, will make its first appearance in Fall 2016 from Coffee House Press. She holds an MFA in fiction from Brown University.

Coffee And Coffeehouses

Author: Ralph S. Hattox
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295805498
Size: 43.11 MB
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Drawing on the accounts of early European travelers, original Arabic sources on jurisprudence and etiquette, and treatises on coffee from the period, the author recounts the colorful early history of the spread of coffee and the influence of coffeehouses in the medieval Near East. Detailed descriptions of the design, atmosphere, management, and patrons of early coffeehouses make fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of coffee and the unique institution of the coffeehouse in urban Muslim society

The Little Free Library Book

Author: Margret Aldrich
ISBN: 9781566894074
Size: 64.12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Traces the story of the grassroots initiative to promote literacy and encourage community through front-yard book exchanges, chronicling how the movement expanded throughout 70 countries. 10,000 first printing.