The Treatise Of The Three Impostors And The Problem Of Enlightenment

Author: Abraham Anderson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9780847684304
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In this new study, Lowell Nissen explores the use of teleological language in the study of subjects such as behaviorism, negative feedback, and natural selection. He argues that all existing analyses fail to explain how teleological language can be used legitimately, and he provides his own analysis in terms of intentionality. Philosophers and scientists alike will find this book of greatest interest and value.

The Three Impostors

Author: Arthur Machen
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction
ISBN: 9781783612383
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The bizarre and mysterious short stories contained within all stand alone as thrilling horror fiction, however connected together here through their theme of imposture, Machen skilfully intertwines the tales with mounting suspense.

The Great God Pan The Inmost Light The Shining Pyramid The Three Impostors Complete

Author: Arthur Machen
ISBN: 9781568821320
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Some of the finest horror stories ever written. Arthur Machen had a profound impact upon H.P. Lovecraft and the group of stories that would later become known as the Cthulhu Mythos. This first volume of Chaosium's Arthur Machen collection begins with the chilling "The Three Impostors" in its complete form, including the rarely seen sections "The Decorative Imagination" and "The Novel of the Iron Maid." Rounding out the first volume are "The Great God Pan, " "The Inmost Light, " and "The Shining Pyramid."

The Atheist S Bible

Author: Georges Minois
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226530302
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Like a lot of good stories, this one begins with a rumor: in 1239, Pope Gregory IX accused Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor, of heresy. Without disclosing evidence of any kind, Gregory announced that Frederick had written a supremely blasphemous book—De tribus impostoribus, or the Treatise of the Three Impostors—in which Frederick denounced Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad as impostors. Of course, Frederick denied the charge, and over the following centuries the story played out across Europe, with libertines, freethinkers, and other “strong minds” seeking a copy of the scandalous text. The fascination persisted until finally, in the eighteenth century, someone brought the purported work into actual existence—in not one but two versions, Latin and French. Although historians have debated the origins and influences of this nonexistent book, there has not been a comprehensive biography of the Treatise of the Three Impostors. In The Atheist’s Bible, the eminent historian Georges Minois tracks the course of the book from its origins in 1239 to its most salient episodes in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, introducing readers to the colorful individuals obsessed with possessing the legendary work—and the equally obsessive passion of those who wanted to punish people who sought it. Minois’s compelling account sheds much-needed light on the power of atheism, the threat of blasphemy, and the persistence of free thought during a time when the outspoken risked being burned at the stake.

The Treatise Of The Three Impostors

Author: Anonymous
ISBN: 9780996577007
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Literary Nonfiction. Religion & Spirituality. Philosophy. Hybrid Genre. Those familiar with THE TREATISE OF THE THREE IMPOSTORS recognize it as an Enlightenment-era indictment against the foundations of three major religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. That's only half the story. Published anonymously and attributed to numerous dates, places of origin, and authors some real, some fantastic THREE IMPOSTORS is better understood as a performative act of radical critique and protest against religious authorities. This edition of THREE IMPOSTORS includes a new, critical introduction signed only with the author's initials. As presented, we pay homage to and continue this text's subversive inquiry."