A Stake In Murder

Author: Donald Allen Kirch
ISBN: 9781771151955
Size: 58.53 MB
Format: PDF
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THERE ARE MONSTERS IN THE WORLD Captain Darren Matheson, of the L.A.P.D. Homicide Division was a pleasant enough fellow. But when the FBI uses him to track down news reporter Sebastian Hemlock as a "special investigator" he understandably is curious. Hemlock, learning that he had failed with his original killing of an undead creature, seeks a chance to redeem his integrity as well as gaining back the woman he had once loved. Captain Matheson thought the whole case as nothing but a waste of time. He had a murderer to catch! Sebastian Hemlock had once been a respected news reporter. "Mister News" is what they used to call him. If there was a story to be found out, he usually was the one who uncovered it. That was until Phoenix, Arizona. In 1991 the police were working on a series of murders. The victims were all drained of blood, the officials were not talking, and Hemlock soon discovered why. The killer was a vampire! With only his FBI friend to assist, the reporter went ahead, investigated, and tracked down the killer to destroy it. Hemlock was soon betrayed! After the vampire was laid to rest, Hemlock was shamed, fired, and couldn't get a job anywhere. His best friend turned on him, his girl left, and he was reduced to a tabloid job in Kansas City, Missouri. Now...the vampire has returned! We tell our children that there are no such things as monsters. We comfort them with the knowledge that we will always be there to protect them. What happens when we are proven wrong?

The Princess Stakes Murder

Author: Kin Platt
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440540470
Size: 30.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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When millionaire jockey Willie Rich is murdered immediately after winning the $100,000 Princess Stakes, his old friend Max Roper, successful investigator, decides to find out who-dunit. It was set up to look like an accidental death--Willie drowned in his own pool--but Max didn't believe that. Fortunately for him, he is very much at home in the environs of a race track, because the person who might have wanted Willie dead was going to be one of the diverse people who are the usual habitués of a track: touts, gamblers, jockeys, trainers, rich horse owners and their wives and women, and even stableboys on the make. Max discovers that Willie had found a diary that pointed the finger of an earlier murder at someone who had kept right on covering his tracks. That someone, he figures, had to be among the following cast of characters: Ty Clayton, rich oil man, whose horses Willie rode. A man with a passion to win and an ungovernable temper. His wife, Monica, who had once been a magnificently beautiful movie star and who had run through four husbands, several fortunes and part of her looks. Was she being blackmailed? Kilburn, Willie's agent, who was shrewd enough to get away with murder and who had been heard arguing with Willie just before the death. Pam Clayton, Ty's daughter, who had disappeared when Willie's body was found. Tom Hunter, recent arrival from Acapulco, who was around the race track asking some very curious questions and backing them up with muscle. Then, of course, there was Penny, Willie's wife, who had liked Willie's money but very little else about him; and Johnny Cashio, the syndicate torpedo who like everything about Penny. And Joe Zale, who might have been jealous enough of Willie to do him in. And there are were also the people from Monica Clayton's past: Charnock, who dispensed psychic truths to adoring audiences and counted Monica among his most ardent disciples. Was he blackmailing her, or was it his secretary, Dorn? Someone, among this fantastic cast of characters, manages to involve Max in considerable personal jeopardy and violence before he triumphantly brings the murderer to book.

The Death Of Innocents

Author: Richard Firstman
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0307806987
Size: 54.40 MB
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Unraveling a twenty-five-year tale of multiple murder and medical deception, The Death of Innocents is a work of first-rate journalism told with the compelling narrative drive of a mystery novel. More than just a true-crime story, it is the stunning expose of spurious science that sent medical researchers in the wrong direction--and nearly allowed a murderer to go unpunished. On July 28, 1971, a two-and-a-half-month-old baby named Noah Hoyt died in his trailer home in a rural hamlet of upstate New York. He was the fifth child of Waneta and Tim Hoyt to die suddenly in the space of seven years. People certainly talked, but Waneta spoke vaguely of "crib death," and over time the talk faded. Nearly two decades later a district attorney in Syracuse, New York, was alerted to a landmark paper in the literature on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome--SIDS--that had been published in a prestigious medical journal back in 1972. Written by a prominent researcher at a Syracuse medical center, the article described a family in which five children had died suddenly without explanation. The D.A. was convinced that something about this account was very wrong. An intensive quest by a team of investigators came to a climax in the spring of 1995, in a dramatic multiple-murder trial that made headlines nationwide. But this book is not only a vivid account of infanticide revealed; it is also a riveting medical detective story. That journal article had legitimized the deaths of the last two babies by theorizing a cause for the mystery of SIDS, suggesting it could be predicted and prevented, and fostering the presumption that SIDS runs in families. More than two decades of multimillion-dollar studies have failed to confirm any of these widely accepted premises. How all this happened--could have happened--is a compelling story of high-stakes medical research in action. And the enigma of familial SIDS has given rise to a special and terrible irony. There is today a maxim in forensic pathology: One unexplained infant death in a family is SIDS. Two is very suspicious. Three is homicide. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Tudor Murder Files

Author: James Moore
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 147385704X
Size: 56.93 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the Tudor age the murder rate was five times higher than it is today. Now, in this unique true crime guide, the Tudor Murder Files reveals just how bloody and brutal this fascinating era really was. From the dark days of Henry VIII to the turbulent times of Shakespeare, James Moore’s new book is the first to chart the period’s most gripping murder cases in all their grizzly detail. Featuring tales of domestic slaughter, sexual intrigue and cunning assassinations, as well as murder mysteries worthy of Agatha Christie, the book vividly brings to life the violent crime wave that gripped the 16th century both at home and abroad. Enter a world in which stabbings were rife, guns were used to kill victims for the first time and in which culprits frequently escaped justice. The book also reveals just how severe some of the penalties could be, with gruesome punishments for those who dared to commit the gravest of crimes. Discover how one murderer was gruesomely ‘pressed to death’, another boiled alive for poisoning his victims and meet some of history’s most notorious serial killers, including one considered so barbaric she was labelled a vampire.

Maggots Murder And Men

Author: Zakaria Erzinçlioglu
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 031231132X
Size: 36.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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One of Britain's leading forensic scientists describes the highly specialized work of a forensic entomologist and the role of such practitioners in unraveling the truth behind a range of high-profile criminal investigations. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

Man Made Murder

Author: Z. Rider
Publisher: Dark Ride Publishing
ISBN: 1942234031
Size: 13.22 MB
Format: PDF
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When guitarist Dean Thibodeaux tries to score weed the night before his band goes on tour, the deal ends in a brutal attack he wasn’t supposed to survive. Stiff, bloody, sore—but alive—he boards the bus with his band, determined to keep the one thing that’s important in his life on track. Carl Delacroix failed his sister. And in the dead of night, with a gun in his waistband and nothing left to lose, he fails her again: his hesitation lets her killer get away. Short on sleep, short on cash, and determined not to make a trifecta out of his failure, he takes off after her attacker. And finds himself following a tour bus. Dean Thibodeaux is sick. He’s changing. And the thing that caused it is coming after him, intent on fixing its mistake. One man is hunting evil. The other is becoming it. Salvation lies in the crossing of their paths.

Fourplay To Murder

Author: Noam D. Plume
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557230349
Size: 67.82 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1901
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Four cases from Hard Case, Fictional Detective. Solving the toughest, dirtiest cases in English literature this hard boiled detective travels to Denmark in "Hardboiled Hamlet," Scotland in "MacBeth The Knife," England in "The Really Big Dog Of The Baskervilles," and Transylvania in "The Girl With The Perforated Hickey."