The Social Project

Author: Kenny Cupers
ISBN: 9781452949086
Size: 72.81 MB
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This study demonstrates how several bodies of knowledge - architectural, sociological, technological, and bureaucratic - shaped postwar modernism and the making of contemporary urban France. In less than three decades after WWII, France evolved from a largely rural country with an insufficient and outdated housing stock to a highly modernised urban nation. The book traces how this evolution resulted from an unprecedented upshift in production, ranging from mass housing and community centres to entirely new towns.

The Social Project Manager

Author: Peter Taylor
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317015606
Size: 31.77 MB
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The Social Project Manager describes a non-traditional way of organising projects, managing project performance and progress. The aim being to deliver, at the enterprise level, a common goal for the business; one that harnesses the performance advantages of a collaborative community. Social elements help mitigate the constraints associated with the control aspect of project management, which is essential for governance. Team collaboration, problem solving and engagement in projects will never come from technology alone but require careful management. Peter Taylor draws on research from projects and the worlds of social media and communication to paint a vivid and practical guide to the why and how of social project management. There is no simple template for you to follow; instead he provides an explanation of the benefits, the tools and the constraints so that readers can navigate through to an approach that is sensitive to the culture of their organization and the nature of the projects that they run. Alongside the author’s ideas, the text features advice and case examples from many of the leading technology providers. The Social Project Manager is a very-readable and down-to-earth guide from one of the most highly-regarded practitioners and commentators on the world of project management.

Strategic Integration Of Social Media Into Project Management Practice

Author: Silvius, Gilbert
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466698683
Size: 29.33 MB
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The functionality of social networking platforms has caused such technologies to become an integral part of modern society. Once limited to only personal purposes, the use of these platforms within organizations has seen significant growth in recent years. Strategic Integration of Social Media into Project Management Practice is an authoritative reference source for the latest research on benefits and challenges presented by the integration of online social networks in the project development process. Highlighting relevant perspectives on team communication, effective collaboration, and stakeholder engagement, this book is an essential resource for project managers, researchers, graduate-level students, and practitioners interested in the innovative uses of social media in professional settings.

Implementing Social Project Management

Author: Pietro Casanova
Size: 34.30 MB
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The rapid growth of social media such as blogs, forums, wiki, content communities and social networking, collectively known as social computing and based on the ideological and technological foundation of Web 2.0, has already found adoption in the area of project management. This paper introduces the basic concepts related to social computing and social project management. It then presents the CoNOscenza per lo Sviluppo e manutenzione rapida (knowledge for rapid development and maintenance) (CNOS) web 2.0 knowledge centric software project management platform, which has been developed and experimented on for a few years by a large Italian IT services company. CNOS was already conceived as a social platform where the central project management role was mediated with the bottom-up team based approach. However there is now evidence that the project community was not sufficiently empowered on the requirements of the new social project management paradigm. One problem which emerged during the experimentation was the difficulty in collecting and organizing knowledge for future use. Based on the lessons learned, this paper also discusses how a proper adherence to the social project management philosophy can improve this and other important aspects of the CNOS platform.

Transport Project Evaluation

Author: Elvira Haezendonck
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1847208681
Size: 55.49 MB
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This timely book puts transport cost benefit analysis in a wider, institutional perspective, relating it in particular to decision making. The book will be of interest to practitioners, consultants and academics who are active in the evaluation of transport projects. Erik T. Verhoef, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands This is an important piece of work on project evaluation. An attractive feature is the balanced treatment of theory and application. The book provides very useful information on efforts of national governments in various countries to increase the quality of project evaluation studies by formulating guidelines for project evaluation. One of the strong points of the book is that it does not only address technical aspects of project evaluation tools, but also the institutional structures within which decisions are taken. Piet Rietveld, Vrije Universiteit and Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands This book revisits traditional evaluation methods, such as cost benefit analysis, to try and find a balance between the ever-increasing demand for transport, the search for sustainable mobility and green transport solutions, and the limited financial resources that governments are able to invest in transport infrastructure projects. In this respect, the effects of transport policy need to be measured and evaluated based on multiple criteria and the need to take into consideration a larger group of stakeholders and investors in transport projects. The book illustrates, methodologically and empirically, why and how the institutional and multi-actor environment impacts upon the analysis, evaluation and decision-making of transport projects in Europe. Including contributions from scholars with considerable expertise in the field, this book will be of great interest to consultants, policymakers and researchers.

A Multicultural Arts Approach To Re Imaging History

Author: Kathryn W. Austin
ISBN: 9780549265658
Size: 75.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In both essay and film, it is my ultimate goal to encourage new ways of thinking about history, and new ways of teaching it, to the end that both teachers and students might be illuminated and energized participants in the making of history.