Author: Peter Udell
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 9780573680731
Size: 48.53 MB
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Day And Overnight Hikes

Author: Johnny Molloy
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
ISBN: 089732773X
Size: 65.13 MB
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This book presents more than 30 day hikes. Classic hikes, such as Rose River Loop and Whiteoak Canyon, are included. However, though the majority of these hikes are not as well known, they offer as much solitude and equally scenic sights––like Lost Cliffs and Furnace Mountain––as the more popular hikes. This will give you the opportunity to get back to nature on your own terms. Often, park sightseers randomly pick a hike without knowing where it will lead, or they follow the crowds wherever they go. Choosing a hike at random in Shenandoah, where many trails drop steeply off the Blue Ridge, may result in a rigorous return to the car with no rewards to show effort. Two types of day hikes are offered: one-way and loop hikes. One-way hikes lead to a particularly rewarding destination and return via the same trail. The return trip allows you to see everything from the opposite vantage point. You may notice more minute trailside features the second go-round, and returning at a different time of day may give the same trail a surprisingly different character. But to some, returning on the same trail just isn’t enjoyable. The loop hikes provide an alternative. Most of the hikes offer solitude to maximize your Shenandoah experience, although portions of some hikes traverse potentially popular areas. It should also be noted that loop hikes are generally longer and harder than one-way hikes, but a bigger challenge can reap bigger rewards. Day hiking is the best and most popular way to "break into" the Shenandoah wilderness. But for those with the inclination to see the mountain cycle from day to night and back again, this book offers ten overnight hikes with the best locales for camping. The length of these hikes–– three days and two nights––was chosen primarily for the weekend backpacker. Backpackers must follow park regulations and practice "leave no trace" wilderness-use etiquette. Each day and overnight hike contains four key elements to help readers plan and enjoy the perfect trip: • GPS-based trail maps • GPS-based elevation profiles • directions to the trailhead • trail descriptions Each trail description offers precise commentary on what to expect along the way and rates each hike for: • scenery • trail condition • difficulty • accessibility for children • solitude Designed to fit easily into a back pocket, this guide leads hikers and backpackers to sites of exceptional beauty and solitude.

Shenandoah Religion

Author: Stephen L. Longenecker
Publisher: Baylor University Press
ISBN: 0918954835
Size: 28.10 MB
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By surveying the religiously pluralistic setting of the eighteenth-and early nineteenth-century Shenandoah Valley, Longenecker reveals how the fabric of American pluralism was woven. Calling worldliness the "mainstream" and otherworldliness, "outsiderness". This book describes the transition certain denominations made in becoming mainstream and the resistance of others in maintaining distinctive dress, manners, social relations, economies, and apolitical viewpoints.

Shenandoah 1862

Author: Time-Life Books
Publisher: Time Life Education
Size: 36.11 MB
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Compiles accounts of both Confederate and Union soldiers of the Shenandoah Valley campaign, taken from letters and diaries, and including photographs and sketches

The Shenandoah Valley 1861 1865

Author: Michael G. Mahon
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811715409
Size: 80.98 MB
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Has the significance of the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War been overestimated? An extensive array of primary sources--including Philip Sheridan's official report--point to this revisionist conclusion.

Shenandoah Summer

Author: Scott C. Patchan
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803218864
Size: 76.57 MB
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Jubal A. Early?s disastrous battles in the Shenandoah Valley ultimately resulted in his ignominious dismissal. But Early?s lesser-known summer campaign of 1864, between his raid on Washington and Phil Sheridan?s renowned fall campaign, had a significant impact on the political and military landscape of the time. By focusing on military tactics and battle history in uncovering the facts and events of these little-understood battles, Scott C. Patchan offers a new perspective on Early?s contributions to the Confederate war effort?and to Union battle plans and politicking. ø Patchan details the previously unexplored battles at Rutherford?s Farm and Kernstown (a pinnacle of Confederate operations in the Shenandoah Valley) and examines the campaign?s influence on President Lincoln?s reelection efforts. He also provides insights into the personalities, careers, and roles in Shenandoah of Confederate general John C. Breckinridge, Union general George Crook, and Union colonel James A. Mulligan, with his ?fighting Irish? brigade from Chicago. Finally, Patchan reconsiders the ever-colorful and controversial Early himself, whose importance in the Confederate military pantheon this book at last makes clear.