Russian Federation 2014 Article Iv Consultation Staff Report Informational Annex Press Release

Author: International Monetary Fund. European Dept.
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1498396828
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This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that the Russian Federation’s growth slowdown that began in 2011, reflecting structural constraints, continued in 2013 despite accommodative policies. Real GDP growth slowed to 1.3 percent owing to a contraction in investment while consumption remained robust owing to strong real wage growth and an unsecured consumer credit boom. The general government balance moved from a modest surplus in 2012 to a deficit of slightly more than 1 percent of GDP in 2013. The IMF staff projects real GDP growth at 0.2 percent in 2014 with considerable downside risks.

Exchange Rate Assessments

Author: Mr. Jaewoo Lee
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1451932316
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The rapid increase in international trade and financial integration over the past decade and the growing importance of emerging markets in world trade and GDP have inspired the IMF to place stronger emphasis on multilateral surveillance, macro-financial linkages, and the implications of globalization. The IMF's Consultative Group on Exchange Rate Issues (CGER)--formed in the mid-1990s to provide exchange rate assessments for a number of advanced economies from a multilateral perspective--has therefore broadened its mandate to cover both key advanced economies and major emerging market economies. This Occasional Paper summarizes the methodologies that underpin the expanded analysis.

Consular Law And Practice

Author: Luke T. Lee
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198256019
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First published in 1961, Consular Law and Practice is a classic work of enormous interest and practical use to diplomats, consuls, and international lawyers. The second edition of this work is now thoroughly revised and updated, and covers the historical evolution of the subject, the Vienna Convention, general laws of consular relations, the traditional and changing role of consuls, diplomatic privileges and immunities, and the function of consuls as ambassadors in cultural and scientific exchange.

A Theory Of Branched Minimal Surfaces

Author: Anthony Tromba
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642256201
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One of the most elementary questions in mathematics is whether an area minimizing surface spanning a contour in three space is immersed or not; i.e. does its derivative have maximal rank everywhere. The purpose of this monograph is to present an elementary proof of this very fundamental and beautiful mathematical result. The exposition follows the original line of attack initiated by Jesse Douglas in his Fields medal work in 1931, namely use Dirichlet's energy as opposed to area. Remarkably, the author shows how to calculate arbitrarily high orders of derivatives of Dirichlet's energy defined on the infinite dimensional manifold of all surfaces spanning a contour, breaking new ground in the Calculus of Variations, where normally only the second derivative or variation is calculated. The monograph begins with easy examples leading to a proof in a large number of cases that can be presented in a graduate course in either manifolds or complex analysis. Thus this monograph requires only the most basic knowledge of analysis, complex analysis and topology and can therefore be read by almost anyone with a basic graduate education.

A Survey Of Minimal Surfaces

Author: Robert Osserman
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486495149
Size: 76.27 MB
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This hardcover edition of A Survey of Minimal Surfaces is divided into twelve sections discussing parametric surfaces, non-parametric surfaces, surfaces that minimize area, isothermal parameters on surfaces, Bernstein's theorem, minimal surfaces with boundary, the Gauss map of parametric surfaces in E3, non-parametric minimal surfaces in E3, application of parametric surfaces to non-parametric problems, and parametric surfaces in En. For this edition, Robert Osserman, Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University, has substantially expanded his original work, including the uses of minimal surfaces to settle important conjectures in relativity and topology. He also discusses new work on Plateau's problem and on isoperimetric inequalities. With a new appendix, supplementary references and expanded index, this Dover edition offers a clear, modern and comprehensive examination of minimal surfaces, providing serious students with fundamental insights into an increasingly active and important area of mathematics.

A Course In Minimal Surfaces

Author: Tobias H. Colding
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821853236
Size: 77.89 MB
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Minimal surfaces date back to Euler and Lagrange and the beginning of the calculus of variations. Many of the techniques developed have played key roles in geometry and partial differential equations. Examples include monotonicity and tangent cone analysis originating in the regularity theory for minimal surfaces, estimates for nonlinear equations based on the maximum principle arising in Bernstein's classical work, and even Lebesgue's definition of the integral that he developed in his thesis on the Plateau problem for minimal surfaces. This book starts with the classical theory of minimal surfaces and ends up with current research topics. Of the various ways of approaching minimal surfaces (from complex analysis, PDE, or geometric measure theory), the authors have chosen to focus on the PDE aspects of the theory. The book also contains some of the applications of minimal surfaces to other fields including low dimensional topology, general relativity, and materials science. The only prerequisites needed for this book are a basic knowledge of Riemannian geometry and some familiarity with the maximum principle.