The Mark Of Cain

Author: Ruth W. Mellinkoff
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1592442293
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For few verses in the Bible is the relationship between scripture and the artistic imagination more intriguing than for the conclusion of Genesis 4:15: And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, that whosoever found him should not kill him. What was the mark of Cain? The answers set before us in this sensitive study by art historian Ruth Mellinkoff are sometimes poignant, frequently surprising. An early summary of rabbinic answers, for examples runs as follows: R. Judah said: He caused the orb of the sun to shine on his account. Said R. Nehemiah to him: For that wretch He would cause the orb of the sun to shine! Rather, he caused leprosy to break out on him.... Rab said: He gave him a dog. Abba Jose said: He made a horn grow out of him. Rab said: He made him an example to murderers. R. Hanin said: He made him an example to penitents. R. Levi said in the name of R. Simeon b. Lakish: He suspended judgment until the flood came and swept him away. After a review of such early Jewish and Christian exegesis, Mellinkoff divides physical interpretations on the mark into three groups: A Mark on Cain's Body, A Movement of Cain's Body, and A Blemish Associated with Cain's Body. Her discussion of these groups is the heart of her study and offers its richest examples of interplay among medieval art and imaginative literature, on the one hand, and biblical exegesis, on the other. Thus in one remarkable tour de force, she shows us how a poetic misprision of Genesis 4:24 - Sevenfold vengeance will be taken for Cain: but for Lamech seventy times sevenfold - made Lamech the murderer of Cain; how there then grew up the legend that Lamech, a hunter, had killed Cain when he mistook him for an animal; how from that, the notion that the mark of Cain was a horn or horns on Cain's head arose (in the poignant formulation of the Tanhuma Midrash: Oh father, you have killed something that resembles a man except it has a horn on its forehead!); and how from that, in the maturity of the legend, there flowered Cornish drama, Irish saga, and stunning reliefs of a dying, antlered Cain in the cathedrals of Vezelay and Autun. Like Genesis 4:15 itself, 'The Mark of Cain' is suggestive rather than comprehensive. Concluding chapters on Intentionally Distorted Interpretations of Cain's Mark and Cain's Mark and the Jews bring the history down to our own day, but Mellinkoff does not claim to have said the last word on the subject. Her achievement is neither documentary nor exegetical but rather demonstrative: she shows us with brilliant economy how the artistic imagination functioned in a world whose intellectual definition was a closed canonical text.

The Mark Of Cain

Author: Katharina von Kellenbach
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199937451
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In The Mark of Cain, Katharina von Kellenbach draws on letters exchanged between clergy and Nazi perpetrators, written notes of prison chaplains, memoirs, sermons, and prison publications to illuminate the moral and spiritual struggles of perpetrators after the war.

The Marks Of Cain

Author: Tom Knox
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110143290X
Size: 17.55 MB
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An audacious and terrifying new thriller from the author of the international bestseller The Genesis Secret. When David Martinez receives an ancient map from his dying grandfather, he is led into the heart of the Basque mountains, where a genetic curse lies buried- and a frightening secret about the Western world is hidden. Meanwhile, London journalist Simon Quinn is investigating two violent murders. Both victims had once been interned in a top-secret Nazi camp-and both came from the Basque region. With The Marks of Cain, Tom Knox (The Lost Goddess) delivers on the promise of his astonishing debut novel, crafting a terrifying and even more ambitious thriller that delves into the shocking truth of what drives human beings to violence, genocide, and war.

Beyond The Mark Of Cain

Author: Isaiah Baity
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412064627
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Beyond the Mark of Cain to the School of Hard Knocks, to chastisement, to affliction, to experiencing the supernatural power of God.

The Mark Of Cain

Author: J. Reid Meloy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134902379
Size: 40.17 MB
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The Mark of Cain makes available for the first time the accumulated psychoanalytic understanding of the psychopathic mind. Editor Reid Meloy, a leading authority on the psychology of the psychopath, has brought together in a single collection the most historically important psychoanalytic papers on the psychopath and delineted their continuing relevance to contemporary understanding. According to Meloy, two theoretical traditions flow into the psychoanalytic understanding of psychopathy. The first tributary focuses on the early development of the psychopath in order to illuminate how a profound alteration in self-regard leads both to a denigration of the other and to an impulsive search for gratification in the present. The second tributary seeks to locate the psychopathic miscarriage of human potentiality within analytic theories of personality structure and clinically grounded differential diagnosis. Meloy presents the major contributions associated with both of these traditions. Included within this body of literature are the original formulations of concepts that have long since become part of the psychoanalytic nomenclature: the "affectionless" juvenile offender, the diagnostic significance of "affect hunger," the behavioral consequences of "superego lacunae," the recourse to promiscuous identification in "the impostor," and the paradoxically lethal lure of "malignant narcissism." Of special interest are Meloy's historical notes to each chapter and two section introductions, the latter major essays in their own right. The explosion of empirical research on psychopathy over the past two decades masks the fact that much contemporary work in this area is grounded in the clinical formulations of leading psychoanalysts of the twentieth century. The Mark of Cain rescues this intimate understanding of the inner world of the psychopath and thereby contributes to clinical realism in the face of deception, manipulation, exploitation, and even frank dangerousness.

The Drawing Of The Mark Of Cain

Author: Dik Van Arkel
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 908964041X
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These are big questions, and in The Drawing of the Mark of Cain they are addressed head-on. The author has devoted his entire career as a distinguished social historian to resolving these and similar problems. He has sought his answers through a highly original, consistently analytical process of historical conjecture and refutation. --

The Mark Of Cain And The Jews

Author: Lisa A. Unterseher
Publisher: Gorgias PressLlc
ISBN: 9781593338961
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Formulating a typological association between the biblical figure of Cain and the Jews, Augustine of Hippo crafts a highly intricate theology that justifies and even demands the continuing presence of Jews and their religious practices in a Christian society.