The Malay Archipelago The Land Of The Orang Utan And The Bird Of Paradise A Narrative Of Travel With Studies Of Man And Nature Complete

Author: Alfred Russel Wallace
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465610758
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From a look at a globe or a map of the Eastern hemisphere, we shall perceive between Asia and Australia a number of large and small islands forming a connected group distinct from those great masses of land, and having little connection with either of them. Situated upon the Equator, and bathed by the tepid water of the great tropical oceans, this region enjoys a climate more uniformly hot and moist than almost any other part of the globe, and teems with natural productions which are elsewhere unknown. The richest of fruits and the most precious of spices are Indigenous here. It produces the giant flowers of the Rafflesia, the great green-winged Ornithoptera (princes among the butterfly tribes), the man-like Orangutan, and the gorgeous Birds of Paradise. It is inhabited by a peculiar and interesting race of mankind—the Malay, found nowhere beyond the limits of this insular tract, which has hence been named the Malay Archipelago. To the ordinary Englishman this is perhaps the least known part of the globe. Our possessions in it are few and scanty; scarcely any of our travellers go to explore it; and in many collections of maps it is almost ignored, being divided between Asia and the Pacific Islands. It thus happens that few persons realize that, as a whole, it is comparable with the primary divisions of the globe, and that some of its separate islands are larger than France or the Austrian Empire. The traveller, however, soon acquires different ideas. He sails for days or even weeks along the shores of one of these great islands, often so great that its inhabitants believe it to be a vast continent. He finds that voyages among these islands are commonly reckoned by weeks and months, and that their several inhabitants are often as little known to each other as are the native races of the northern to those of the southern continent of America. He soon comes to look upon this region as one apart from the rest of the world, with its own races of men and its own aspects of nature; with its own ideas, feelings, customs, and modes of speech, and with a climate, vegetation, and animated life altogether peculiar to itself. From many points of view these islands form one compact geographical whole, and as such they have always been treated by travellers and men of science; but, a more careful and detailed study of them under various aspects reveals the unexpected fact that they are divisible into two portions nearly equal in extent which differ widely in their natural products, and really form two parts of the primary divisions of the earth. I have been able to prove this in considerable detail by my observations on the natural history of the various parts of the Archipelago; and, as in the description of my travels and residence in the several islands I shall have to refer continually to this view, and adduce facts in support of it, I have thought it advisable to commence with a general sketch of the main features of the Malayan region as will render the facts hereafter brought forward more interesting, and their bearing upon the general question more easily understood. I proceed, therefore, to sketch the limits and extent of the Archipelago, and to point out the more striking features of its geology, physical geography, vegetation, and animal life.

The Malay Archipelago

Author: Alfred Russel Wallace
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486780686
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Detailing his eight-year exploration of the Malay Archipelago, Wallace offers observations of the native people of the island groupings, the abundant and strange animals and insects, and more.

The Families Of Diptera Of The Malay Archipelago

Author: Pjotr Oosterbroek
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004110533
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This volume deals with 116 families of Diptera (flies and mosquitoes) known or suspected to occur in the islands of Malesia. Diptera constitute one of the larger orders of insects, and are generally considered to be a taxonomically difficult group, even at the family level. They include various economically important groups, some of which acting as vectors of diseases in man and cattle, while others are beneficial in pest control by virtue of their parasitic or predatory habits. The families of Diptera of the Malay Archipelago will be an indispensable tool for all those working in the fields of ecology, systematic biology, and conservation, as well as applied biology.

Security Perspectives Of The Malay Archipelago

Author: Andrew Tian Huat Tan
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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Andrew Tan illustrates that the recent emergence of transnational radical terrorism is a new dynamic that has added to, but not supplanted, the existing complex security linkages among the states of the Malay Archipelago. Security Perspectives of the Malay Archipelago discusses how states in this sub-regional security complex have formulated their security perspectives, how they have responded to perceived security challenges and to uncover the extent and nature of security linkages among the five states. The author argues that a more holistic and comprehensive approach is needed to gain both greater understanding and better-informed strategies in managing the myriad security challenges, including international terrorism, internal rebellions and inter-state tensions, that beset this increasingly strategically important region. This book will find a wide readership in policymakers around the globe, intelligence, terrorism and policy analysts, companies with business interests in ASEAN, and those interested in political risk management. Academics and researchers of politics, Asian studies, international relations and security will also welcome the book.