A Light In The Wilderness

Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 1441219560
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Letitia holds nothing more dear than the papers that prove she is no longer a slave. They may not cause white folks to treat her like a human being, but at least they show she is free. She trusts in those words she cannot read--as she is beginning to trust in Davey Carson, an Irish immigrant cattleman who wants her to come west with him. Nancy Hawkins is loathe to leave her settled life for the treacherous journey by wagon train, but she is so deeply in love with her husband that she knows she will follow him anywhere--even when the trek exacts a terrible cost. Betsy is a Kalapuya Indian, the last remnant of a once proud tribe in the Willamette Valley in Oregon territory. She spends her time trying to impart the wisdom and ways of her people to her grandson. But she will soon have another person to care for. As season turns to season, suspicion turns to friendship, and fear turns to courage, three spirited women will discover what it means to be truly free in a land that makes promises it cannot fulfill. This multilayered story from bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick will grip readers' hearts and minds as they travel with Letitia on the dusty and dangerous Oregon trail into the boundless American West.

A Light In The Wilderness

Author: David M. Hird
ISBN: 9781905974016
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This is an anthology of work, fiction and poetry, produced by the North-west Highland writers.

The Light In The Wilderness

Author: Norman Martin Wolk, M.D.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1467804835
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Like a tangled web of myth, stupor, and confusion, "Religion", since the beginning of time, has contrived and conspired to enslave the mind and heart of all mankind, and lead the whole world astray. Appealing to man's inherent proclivity toward ego-driven autonomy, power, and hoped for immortality, "Religion" has made promises she cannot keep. The consequences of her defective doctrines and cleverly devised creeds have been far reaching, and devastating. Rather than being an effective antidote to the unbridled passions of men, "Religion", far too often, has been its murderous facilitator. Known as Babylon in the Scriptures, the "Religion" that began with the Adversary 'Satan', was successfully packaged, marketed, and disseminated over the entire earth. In the East, these Babylonian 'Chaldean Mysteries' appeared as Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Islam. And in the West, owing to their successful assimilation throughout the Roman Empire, a harlotous union of church and state "baptized" the Chaldean Mysteries, christened heathenism, wrapped it in the banner of "Christ", and gave the world Christianity. From Eden to Egypt, from Mecca to Rome, from Babylon to Jerusalem, all nations have drunk from the chalice of her lies, for a great counterfeit has been foisted upon the whole world. Now, at long last, comes a stunning and revealing account of this powerful religious system whose spiritual and political influence has deceived the nations and led the whole world astray. At this decisive juncture of human history, all humanity stands on the brink of a cataclysmic clash of religion and civilization. The alignment of opposing forces, so accurately predicted in prophecy, will surely draw this worldly system to its fated destruction. But to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness; to every one who seeks to escape the deception of "Religion" for the truth of Revelation, and to those who earnestly desire to leave the broad road for the narrow, The Light in the Wilderness can lead the way. It took all of human history to get us where we are. Now is the time to come out of the darkness, and into The Light.

The Light In High Places

Author: Joe Hutto
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1629141178
Size: 15.62 MB
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Hutto is living in a tent at twelve thousand feet, where blizzards occur in July and where human wants become irrelevant and human needs can become a matter of life and death—to study the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. The population of these rare alpine sheep is in decline. The lambs are dying in unprecedented numbers. Hutto’s job is to find out why. For months at a time, he follows the bighorn herds, meets mountain lions and bears, weathers injury and storms, and beautifully observes the incredible splendor of the Rocky Mountains. Hutto has a deep connection to Wyoming, having managed a large cattle ranch in his past. He weaves Wyoming’s history of the cowboy, mountain ecology, and the lives of the bighorn sheep into a beautiful flowing narrative. Ultimately, he discovers that the lambs are dying of cystic fibrosis due to selenium deficiency, which is caused by acid rain—a grim ecological disaster caused by human pollution. Here is a new twist on a cautionary tale, and a new voice, eloquently expressing the urgency that we mend our ways.

A Light In The Wilderness

Author: James D. Snyder
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1618500244
Size: 19.62 MB
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Fort Jupiter and the "Military Trail" of garrisons forged in the wild to push the resourceful Seminole Indians deep into the Everglades. How the army built two camps on the Loxahatchee and tried to open the fickle Jupiter Inlet with shovels and rakes. The wreckers of Key West. How they provided the only lifesaving service available to imperiled ships. How they incensed maritime insurers and why Congress authorized lighthouses on the Florida coast. The lighthouse builders. How George Meade and other hardy army engineers labored to create a chain of beacons on brittle reefs and open seas. Why Jupiter Inlet was by far the most difficult project of all. The Civil War on the Florida coast. The state's desperate plight. The "kidnapping" of the newly-installed Jupiter Light works as Florida abandoned all of its coastal defenses. The Gunboat Years. How sleek Confederate sloops "ran" the inlets of southeast Florida in desperate attempts to haul cargoes of cotton and turpentine to Nassau and trade for weapons and food —and how Union gunboats tracked them down. Life at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in its early years. Living in solitude on supplies that arrived only once or twice a year. How life was sustained by spectacular hunting and fishing and shipwrecks whose cargoes could change a hardscrabble life overnight with bounty from the sea. The first brave settlers. How they carved out an inlet and built a thousand-foot tramway of beached lumber to link Lake Worth and the creek that led north to Jupiter. How they shipped their first crops in boxes made from driftwood. The paddle wheel steamer era. The emergence of steamboat trade up and down the Indian River. How it transformed Jupiter, at the southern end, into a settlement with a floating hotel, stores and a thriving little resort.

Sharing The Light In The Wilderness

Author: Deseret Book Company
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
ISBN: 9780875797175
Size: 79.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of essays using a Mormon perspective to view such topics as family life, dating, living the Word of Wisdom, and relationships.

The Wilderness Reader

Author: Frank Bergon
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
ISBN: 9780874172508
Size: 23.48 MB
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The relationship of wilderness to civilization has been a major preoccupation of poets and novelists from Bryant to Faulkner. The cultural heritage developed out of a great deal of philosophizing, romanticizing and fantasizing about the wilderness. But for all the enthusiasm that accompanied its conquest, we have not necessarily developed an appreciation for the actual phenomenon of wilderness itself - its trees, bogs, snakes, rocks, wolves and dirt.

Wilderness Taunts

Author: Ian Adams
Publisher: Canterbury Press
ISBN: 1848259174
Size: 38.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Being a hopeful human being today is a demanding task. Taunts and temptations face us on every side. In a series of striking meditations accompanied by photographic images, Wilderness Taunts equips us to face them. Drawing on the Gospel accounts of Jesus' 40 days of testing in the wilderness, it names and explores the taunts we face now, the critical and challenging messages from without and within that may throw us off balance. Ian Adams encourages us to listen attentively to these taunts, and to hear in them deeper questions about life, love and faith. He looks beyond their accusations to show them as gifts that invite us to better understand who we are, and step with confidence into whatever is being called of us.

The Light In The Forest

Author: Conrad Richter
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0804151016
Size: 39.35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An adventurous story of a frontier boy raised by Indians, The Light in the Forest is a beloved American classic. When John Cameron Butler was a child, he was captured in a raid on the Pennsylvania frontier and adopted by the great warrrior Cuyloga. Renamed True Son, he came to think of himself as fully Indian. But eleven years later his tribe, the Lenni Lenape, has signed a treaty with the white men and agreed to return their captives, including fifteen-year-old True Son. Now he must go back to the family he has forgotten, whose language is no longer his, and whose ways of dress and behavior are as strange to him as the ways of the forest are to them. From the Paperback edition.