The Last Entry

Author: William Clark Russell
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465604286
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ÊViolet was Vanderholt's only daughter, and he loved her exceedingly. She was not beautiful, but she was fair to see, with a pretty figure, and an arch, gay smile. You saw the Dutch blood in her eyes, as you saw it in her father's, whose orbs of vision, indeed, were ridiculously smallÑscarcely visible in their bed of socket and lash. An English mother had come to Violet's help in this matter. Taking her from top to toe, with her surprising quantity of brown hair, soft complexion, good mouth, teeth, and figure, Violet Vanderholt was undoubtedly a fine girl. The room in which they were breakfasting was imposingly furnished. The pictures were many and fine. One in particular took the eye, and detained it. It was hung over the sideboard, which glittered with plate; it represented a schooner, bowed by a sudden blast, coming at you. The white brine, shredded by the shrieking stroke of the squall, hissed shrilly from the cut-water. The life and spirit of the reality was in that fine canvas. The sailors seemed to run as you watched, the gaffs to droop with the handling of their gear. She came rushing in a smother of spume right at you, and, before delight could arise, you had felt a pleasurable shock of surprise that was almost alarm. Such is the effect produced by Cooper's bull as, with bowed head and eyes of fire, and horns of death, it looks to be bounding with the velocity of a locomotive out of the frame. Mr. Vanderholt and his daughter conversed for some time on matters of no concern to us who are to follow their fortunes. Presently, after helping himself to his second bloaterÑfor his wealth had neither lessened his appetite nor influenced his choice of dishes: he clung, with true Dutch courage, to solid sausage; he loved new bread, smoking hot; he was wedded to all the several kinds of cured fish, and often drank a pint of beer, instead of coffee or tea, at his morning mealÑhe took his second herring, and, whilst his gray beard wagged to the movement of his jaws, an expression of pensiveness entered his face as he fastened his gaze upon the picture of the rushing schooner.

Last Entry

Author: Snowdon Barnett
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780853621942
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Last Entry

Author: Rick Will
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781540564719
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Professor Michael Borden and his enthusiastic students set out on an exciting archaeological expedition to Banks Island, Northwest Territories. Well versed in the history and lore of the region, Mike knows much about the 19th-century British explorers who searched for a Northwest Passage through dangerous, Arctic waters. Many sailors died on those quests. A passage was eventually discovered by the crew of the HMS Investigator. The ship became icebound at the north end of Banks Island in 1853. Most of its crew were rescued to tell their stories. One of them had more to say than the others. Archaeology has a way of uncovering the truth. The Arctic covers a vast area. Much of it was still an unexplored frontier in 1980. Mike and his team's archaeological discoveries show how extraordinary are the cultures of northern people, and at the same time, how fragile and vulnerable life is in the frozen North. The team members had prepared for every field contingency before heading to Banks Island, well at least for those situations they could reasonably anticipate. Sometimes, however, the unexpected happens, something totally outside of your control or even wildest imagination. That's when things can go wrong, just horribly wrong. The Arctic's been an unforgiving place, and it offers no mercy to the archaeologists. Cut off from the outside world, they are entirely on their own. They must cope with the terrifying and overwhelming realities of animal attacks, sickness, dwindling food supplies, and hypothermia. As a student of archaeology, I didn't receive training in university on how to write simple and interesting sentences! Writing this novel was hard work for me. Thank you for considering to read it. This book is my attempt to share my knowledge of the Arctic in a way that I hope you will find interesting, if not entertaining, and perhaps a little frightening, even shocking. I want you to experience all kinds of emotions while you read it. Most of the history I describe is real. Many of the events that I portray are from my own experiences on Banks Island in 1981 and 1982. Some are embellished, but many actually are not!

Ivor Horton S Beginning Visual C 2010

Author: Ivor Horton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470930349
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The leading author of programming tutorials for beginners introduces you to Visual C++ 2010 Ivor Horton is the preeminent author of introductory programming language tutorials; previous editions of his Beginning Visual C++ have sold nearly 100,000 copies. This book is a comprehensive introduction to both the Standard C++ language and to Visual C++ 2010; no previous programming experience is required. All aspects of the 2010 release are covered, including changes to the language and the C++ standard.. Microsoft Visual C++ is one of the most popular C++ development environments and compilers, used by hundreds of thousands of developers Ivor Horton's approach to programming tutorials has achieved a huge following; this book gives beginning programmers a comprehensive introduction to both Standard C++ and Visual C++ 2010 Covers all the language changes in Visual C++ 2010, library additions, new MFC features, changes in the Visual Studio development environment, and more Also includes a brief introduction to programming for multicore processors in native C++ and C++/CLR processors Nearly 100,000 copies of this book have been sold in previous editions Beginners seeking a complete education in Visual C++ will find everything they need in Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2010.