Civil War Kansas

Author: Albert E. Castel
ISBN: 9780700608720
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"My purpose in writing this book was twofold: first, to supply a long-standing deficiency in Kansas historical literature (which has concentrated almost exclusively on the pre-Civil War period) by describing the political, military, social and economic events and developments of the state's first four years -- an era even more dramatic, and hardly less significant, than the one which preceded it; and, secondly, to contribute to a better understanding of the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi West through a realistic presentation and analysis of the Kansas-Missouri border conflict, the operations of the Missouri guerrillas under Quantrill, and the Union and Confederate military campaigns in Missouri, Arkansas, the Indian Territory, and Kansas itself. My primary focus throughout the book is on Kansas, and if I have emphasized political and military matters, it is only because this period of Kansas history was essentially political and military in character"--Preface of original edition.

Kansas S War

Author: Pearl T. Ponce
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821443526
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When the Civil War broke out in April 1861, Kansas was in a unique position. Although it had been a state for mere weeks, its residents were already intimately acquainted with civil strife. Since its organization as a territory in 1854, Kansas had been the focus of a national debate over the place of slavery in the Republic. By 1856, the ideological conflict developed into actual violence, earning the territory the sobriquet “Bleeding Kansas.” Because of this recent territorial strife, the state’s transition from peace to war was not as abrupt as that of other states. Kansas’s War illuminates the new state’s main preoccupations: the internal struggle for control of policy and patronage; border security; and issues of race—especially efforts to come to terms with the burgeoning African American population and American Indians’ continuing claims to nearly one-fifth of the state’s land. These documents demonstrate how politicians, soldiers, and ordinary Kansans understood the conflict and were transformed by the war.

War To The Knife

Author: Thomas Goodrich
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803271142
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A powerful narrative of the bloody prologue to the Civil War, "War to the Knife" covers the 1854 shooting war between pro-slavery men in Missouri and free-staters in Kansas over control of the Kansas territory. 30 photos.

A Kansas Soldier At War

Author: Ken Spurgeon
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1625840934
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When war broke out in 1861, Christian and Elise Dubach Isely, soon to be married, found themselves in the midst of the conflict. Having witnessed the atrocities of Bleeding Kansas firsthand and fearful of what would come from this war, Christian enlisted with the 2nd Kansas Cavalry to fight alongside Union forces. During the next three years, the couple would write hundreds of letters to each other, as well as to friends and family members. Their writings survive today, providing a unique look at the Civil War--one of both military and civilian perspectives--in a passionate exchange between husband and wife in which the war, faith and family are discussed openly and frankly.

Civil War On The Missouri Kansas Border

Author: Donald Gilmore
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
ISBN: 9781455602308
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During the Civil War, the western front was the scene of some of that conflicti s bloodiest and most barbaricencounters as Union raiders and Confederate guerrillas pursued each other from farm to farm with equal disregard for civilian casualties. Historical accounts of these events overwhelmingly favor the victorious Union standpoint, characterizing the Southern fighters as wanton, unprincipled savages. But in fact, as the author, himself a descendant of Union soldiers, discovered, the bushwhackersi violent reactions were understandable, given the reign of terror they endured as a result of Lincolni s total war in the West. In reexamining many of the long-held historical assumptions about this period, Gilmore discusses President Lincolni s utmost desire to keep Missouri in the Union by any and all means. As early as 1858, Kansan and Union troops carried out unbridled confiscation or destruction of Missouri private property, until the state became known as "the burnt region." These outrages escalated to include martial law throughout Missouri and finally the infamous General Orders Number 11 of September 1863 in which Union general Thomas Ewing, federal commander of the region, ordered the deportation of the entire population of the border counties. It is no wonder that, faced with the loss of their farms and their livelihoods, Missourians struck back with equal force.

The Civil War In Kansas

Author: Debra Goodrich Bisel
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1614234051
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In the 1850s, the eyes of the world were on Kansas. The Civil War in Kansas will be an overview of the years 1854-1865, since the war began in Kansas nearly seven years before it spread to the rest of the nation. From the repeal of the Missouri Compromise to its entry in the Union, Kansas played a small role in the war as a whole, but its effects on the state were nonetheless important. With regards to the Kansas citizens who played a part, it would be an understatement to call them "colorful." From John Brown to Jim Lane, Kansans made headlines throughout the nation and the world. Bisel presents the history of Kansas during the Civil War years in an accessible way that will satisfy history buffs as well as enlighten novices.