Invasions Usa

Author: Michael Bliss
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442236523
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Of the twenty or so science fiction films produced in America during the 1950s, there is a fascinating subset of nine films that do more than portray an invasion. These films use the invasions as metaphors for assaults against the integrity of various things, such as the self, marriage, and notions involving the supremacy of the human race.

Home Invasion Prevention

Author: Frank Hilliard
ISBN: 055704376X
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This book proposes a new, innovative approach that will give you, or your spouse, the ability to prevent, deflect or defeat even the most determined attack against your home. It will suggest a number of measures you can take. It will discuss concepts you won't read anywhere else to provide dramatically better physical security. Most importantly, everything it proposes is cumulative, each step adding to the one previous, so whatever you do will be an improvement over whatever you've done, or not done, in the past.

Global Change Clonal Growth And Biological Invasions By Plants

Author: Fei-Hai Yu
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 2889450465
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There are few more active frontiers in plant science than helping understand and predict the ecological consequences of on-going, global changes in climate, land use and cover, nutrient cycling, and acidity. This collection of research papers and reviews focuses on how these changes are likely to interact with two important factors, clonal growth in plants and the introduction of species into new regions by humans, to reshape the ecology of our world. Clonal growth is vegetative reproduction in which offspring remain attached to the parent at least until establishment. Clonal growth is associated with the invasiveness of introduced species, their tendency to spread after introduction and negatively affect other species. Will changes in climate, land cover, or nutrients further increase biological invasions by introduced, clonal plants? The articles in this book seek to address this question with new research and theory on clonal growth and its interactions with invasiveness and other components of global change.

Silent Invasion Of The Usa

Author: Ida Zerpa
Publisher: LibrosEnRed
ISBN: 1597542253
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Legal and illegal aliens. Ways in which Mexicans try to take possession of the United States under the leadership of left-wing organizations. My book is divided in three parts. The first part consists of a synthesized history of the countries of the immigrants that are concerning to the United States, their governments, their laws and their ways of life. The second part consists of what we can expect from the immigrants according to their habits of life in their home countries, the intentions and actions of the Mexican immigrants and government. The third part or the epilogue consists of the reactions of certain political figures and the U.S. government, and my premonitions.

Plant Invasions In Protected Areas

Author: Llewellyn C. Foxcroft
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400777507
Size: 62.94 MB
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This book is the first comprehensive global review of all aspects of alien plant invasions in protected areas. It provides insights into advances in invasion ecology emanating from work in protected areas, and the link to locally relevant management support for protected areas. The book provides in-depth case studies, illuminating interesting and insightful knowledge that can be shared across the global protected area network. The book includes the collective understanding of 80 ecologists and managers to extract as much information as possible that will support the long-term management of protected areas, and the biodiversity and associated ecosystem services they maintain. “This outstanding volume draws together pretty much all that can be said on this topic, ranging from the science, through policy, to practical action”. Dr. Simon N. Stuart, IUCN Species Survival Commission, UK. "This important and timely volume addresses two of the most serious problems affecting biodiversity conservation today: assessing the extent to which protected areas are impacted by biological invasions and the complex problems of managing these impacts. Written by leading specialists, it provides a comprehensive overview of the issues and gives detailed examples drawn from protected areas across the world". Professor Vernon H. Heywood, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading, UK

Assessment And Management Of Plant Invasions

Author: James O. Luken
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461219264
Size: 79.37 MB
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Biological invasion of native plant communities is a high-priority problem in the field of environmental management. Resource managers, biologists, and all those involved in plant communities must consider ecological interactions when assessing both the effects of plant invasion and the long-term effects of management. Sections of the book cover human perceptions of invading plants, assessment of ecological interactions, direct management, and regulation and advocacy. It also includes an appendix with descriptive data for many of the worst weeds.

Ecology Of Biological Invasions Of North America And Hawaii

Author: Harold A. Mooney
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461249880
Size: 56.86 MB
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The diversity of the earth's climates superimposed upon a complex configuration of physical features has provided the conditions for the evolution of a remarkable array of living things which are linked together into complex ecosystems. The kinds of organisms comprising the ecosystems of the world, and the nature of their interactions, have constantly changed through time due to coevolutionary interactions along with the effects of a continually changing physical environ ment. In recent evolutionary time there has been a dramatic and ever-accelerating rate of change in the configuration of these ecosystems because of the increasing influence of human beings. These changes range from subtle modifications caused by anthropogenically induced alterations in atmospheric properties to the total destruction of ecosystems. Many of these modifications have provided the fuel, food, and fiber which have allowed the expansion of human populations. Unfortunately, there have been many unanticipated changes which accompanied these modifications which have had effects detrimental to human welfare in cluding substantial changes in water and air quality. For example, the use of high-sulfur coal to produce energy in parts of North America is altering the properties of freshwater lakes and forests because of acidification.

Impact Of Biological Invasions On Ecosystem Services

Author: Montserrat Vilà
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319451219
Size: 15.55 MB
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The book presents an analysis of the ecological, economic and social threats posed by the introduction and spread of non-native species. It provides a comprehensive description of impacts of non-native species from all five kingdoms of life across all ecosystems of the world. New insights into the impacts arising from biological invasions are generated through taking an ecosystem services perspective. This work highlights that management of biological invasions is needed not only to sustain biodiversity and the environment, but also to safeguard productive sectors such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, as well as to preserve human health and well-being.

Biological Invasions Belowground Earthworms As Invasive Species

Author: Paul F. Hendrix
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402054297
Size: 42.70 MB
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The papers in this book are based on efforts by an international group of soil ecologists to assess the biological and ecological mechanisms of earthworm invasions. They examine their geographic extent and impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, and possible means by which earthworm invasions might be mitigated. The book broadens the discussion on invasion biology and ecology to belowground systems.

Biological Invasions And Animal Behaviour

Author: Judith S. Weis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316712486
Size: 51.36 MB
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How does behaviour affect biological invasions? Can it explain why some animals are such successful invaders? With contributions from experts in the field, and covering a broad range of animals, this book examines the role of behaviour in biological invasions from the point of view of both invaders and native species. The chapters cover theoretical aspects, particularly relevant behaviours and well-documented case studies, showing that behaviour is critical to the success, and ecological and socio-economic impact, of invasive species. Its insights suggest methods to prevent and mitigate those impacts, and offer unique opportunities to understand the adaptive role of behaviour. Offering a comprehensive overview of current understanding on the subject, the book is intended for biological invasion researchers and behavioural ecologists as well as ecologists and evolutionary biologists interested in how organisms deal with anthropogenic environmental changes such as climate change and habitat loss.