The Great God Pan And The Hill Of Dreams

Author: Arthur Machen
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486443450
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"Of creators of cosmic fear raised to its most artistic pitch, few can hope to equal Arthur Machen."--H. P. Lovecraft Arthur Machen (1863-1947), Welsh novelist and essayist, is considered one of the most important and influential writers of his time. While displaying a preoccupation with pagan themes and matters of the occult (an interest he shared with his close friend, the distinguished scholar A. E. Waite), his writing transcends the genre of supernatural horror. Oscar Wilde, W. B. Yeats, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as Paul Bowles and Jorge Luis Borges are just a few of the literary notables who are counted among his admirers. Machen is also a key figure in the development of pulp magazine fiction (e.g, Weird Tales), a line of ancestry that leads directly to today's popular graphic novels. Further, Machen's name often crops up in the writings of theorists and practitioners of psychogeography, a school of thought and literature which explores the hidden links between the landscape and the mind. In The Great God Pan, Arthur Machen delivers a tense atmospheric story about a string of mysterious suicides. With its suggestive visions of decadent sexuality, the work scandalized Victorian London. Lyrical and introspective, The Hill of Dreams established Machen as one of the great prose masters of the language. As a penetrating portrayal of the accursed artist, redolent with soulful longing and genteel decay, it ranks as a landmark work in English literature.

The Works Of Arthur Machen

Author: Arthur Machen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781481007542
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Decadent, perverse and unreal, the strange stories of Arthur Machen uncover a lingering, ancestral horror, distantly remembered in the language of fairy tales, pagan lore, and in the secret old games that nurses teach to children. Deeply controversial in their own time, some of Machen's stories had to wait decades to for changing social mores to permit their publication. This new collection by Lowood Press combines all of Machen's most celebrated works in one volume. Herein are his greatest short stories, including The White People, The Great God Pan, The Bowmen and The Shining Pyramid; his semi-autobiographical novel, Hill of Dreams; and the original, complete version of The Three Impostors, with its interconnecting tales of occult intrigue. An unrivaled master of sacred terror and pioneer of the weird fiction genre, Machen's work has directly influenced such notable horror writers as H. P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, and Stephen King—but it has yet to be surpassed.

The Hill Of Dreams

Author: Arthur Machen
Publisher: VM eBooks
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There was a glow in the sky as if great furnace doors were opened. But all the afternoon his eyes had looked on glamour; he had strayed in fairyland. The holidays were nearly done, and Lucian Taylor had gone out resolved to lose himself, to discover strange hills and prospects that he had never seen before. The air was still, breathless, exhausted after heavy rain, and the clouds looked as if they had been molded of lead. No breeze blew upon the hill, and down in the well of the valley not a dry leaf stirred, not a bough shook in all the dark January woods. About a mile from the rectory he had diverged from the main road by an opening that promised mystery and adventure. It was an old neglected lane, little more than a ditch, worn ten feet deep by its winter waters, and shadowed by great untrimmed hedges, densely woven together. On each side were turbid streams, and here and there a torrent of water gushed down the banks, flooding the lane. It was so deep and dark that he could not get a glimpse of the country through which he was passing, but the way went down and down to some unconjectured hollow.

Asleep Beneath The Hill Of Dreams

Author: Chris Ransick
Publisher: Ghost Road Press
ISBN: 9780982504369
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"Ransick shares with the reader a sense of the human experience that is both a part of and apart from the natural world."--"The Billings Outpost."

The Road From Harbour Hill

Author: Jim Hayes
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 149171624X
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On Harbour Hill, in the picturesque seaside town of Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland, where four roads converged together, Jim Hayes’s journey of dreams began. Hayes begins by tracing his experiences as boy growing up in Ireland in the late 1940s, where he fished for mackerel at Lynch’s Quay, witnessed one of the last human flights to freedom from post war-torn Europe, and played ball in the street. But after his father made the announcement that the family would emigrate to America in the early 1950s, Hayes details how his life abruptly changed as he attempted to acclimate to a new culture and wondered if he would ever see Harbour Hill again. Years later, his dream of returning home to work and live would come true as he disembarked from the tender in Cobh, began his career, and married the love of his life. As he details his continuing journey from Ireland to America to Germany and back again, it soon becomes evident that Hayes embraced life with a determination to never let anything stand in the way attaining his dreams. The Road from Harbour Hill relays the fascinating life story of a man who learned valuable lessons, realized love, and achieved much success through his immersion in three distinct cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.