Flying Tiger

Author: Kira Van Deusen
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773521550
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Outsiders to the culture have long focused on the physical artifacts of shamanism - like the costume and drum - and on ritual healing practices, but far less is known about the images shamans and storytellers use to entertain, heal, and educate. Van Deusen describes the lives of the people of the Amur during a period of dramatic transition, as they attempt to find some way to relate ancient traditions to an uncertain future. She emphasizes the contributions of women - often overlooked in the literature on shamanism - in traditional and contemporary society, and their concerns with ecology and the education of children. Their magnificent embroidery, illustrated by the author's photographs, echoes these women's stories. The Flying Tiger will appeal to anyone interested in shamanism, storytelling and folklore, Russia, indigenous people, women's studies, and spirituality.

Flying Tigers

Author: Daniel Ford
Publisher: Warbird Books
ISBN: 0692734732
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During World War II, in the skies over Rangoon, Burma, a handful of American pilots met and bloodied the "Imperial Wild Eagles" of Japan and won immortality as the Flying Tigers. One of America's most famous combat forces, the Tigers were recruited to defend beleaguered China for $600 a month and a bounty of $500 for each Japanese plane they shot down--fantastic money in an era when a Manhattan hotel room cost three dollars a night. To bring his prize-winning history of the American Volunteer Group up to date, Daniel Ford has twice rewritten his original text, drawing on the most recent U.S., British, and Japanese scholarship, along with new information about AVG pilots and crewmen, their Royal Air Force colleagues, and their Japanese opponents. "Admirable," wrote Chennault biographer Martha Byrd of Ford's original text. "A readable book based on sound sources. Expect some surprises." Flying Tigers won the Aviation/Space Writers Association Award of Excellence in the year of its first publication. Keywords: Flying Tigers, Claire Chennault, Tex Hill, Pappy Boyington, Curtiss P-40

Flying Tiger

Author: Ulrich Krotz
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199759936
Size: 46.86 MB
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Ulrich Krotz's 'Flying Tiger' takes a relatively obscure episode - the joint Franco-German production of a very expensive military helicopter, the Tiger helicopter - to make a groundbreaking theoretical contribution to international relations scholarship.

A Flying Tiger S Diary

Author: Charles R. Bond
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 9780890964088
Size: 58.60 MB
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" Draws aside the curtain of mythology and shows the AVG members--pilots, mechanics, nurses, and Chennault himself--as recognizable humans with a full spectrum of virtues and faults. Yet, the glory remains undiminished . . . A Flying Tiger's Diary is highly readable and is wholeheartedly recommended."—Military Review The Flying Tigers, under the leadership of Claire Chennault, fought legendary air battles in the skies over Burma and China. This journal of ace pilot Charles Bond, now in its fifth printing, vividly preserves his experiences in aerial combat against the Japanese, all recorded within twenty-four hours of the action. It also documents the training and living conditions of the men whom Gen. Bruce K. Holloway has called "the most colorful group of warriors in modern times." A limited, specially bound edition of A Flying Tiger's Diary, signed and with a laid-in print by Terry Pyles, is available while supply lasts.”

Flying Tigers Over Cambodia

Author: Larry Partridge
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786450619
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At the end of World War II, a number of former American military pilots formed the "Flying Tiger Line," which soon became the world's leading airfreight company. Its motto of "Anything, anytime, anywhere" was especially applicable in its humanitarian projects. In 1975, the Flying Tigers took part in relief efforts for Cambodians surrounded by Khmer Rouge forces. The "Ricelift" exposed the Tiger pilots to enormous risk. Though they were technically "noncombatants," all this really meant was that they couldn't shoot back. This is the memoir of Larry Partridge who, in his plane, nicknamed "Nancy" after his wife, flew 52 missions into Phnom Penh, delivering rice and other supplies in hostile conditions. After the collapse of Saigon and the victory of the Khmer Rouge, the ricelifts ceased. This account, from a Tiger's-eye view, includes both history and human drama in a remarkable but completely true story.

A Flying Tiger S Tale

Author: William Penn Fallin
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 141849013X
Size: 55.80 MB
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TC Koo, (Koo Teh Chang) lived one of the most fascinating lives imaginable. He was born in 1916 in Washington, D.C. where his father, Dr. Wellington Koo, was a diplomat in the Chinese Legation. At the time of his birth his maternal grandfather, Tong Shao?Yi, was Premier of China and TC's father was to destined to follow in his father? in? law's footsteps less than ten years later. This story is about TC Koo, his family, his many friends and a few of his enemies. It is about the trials, tribulations (and rewards) of growing up in a lofty environment; and about his many experiences, running the gamut from joyful to terrifying. He literally grew up in the midst of history in the making and witnessed first hand what you are about to read. I present this work as a simple (and woefully incomplete) biography, which is derived from recorded conversations between Mr. Koo and me as well as notes he kept in his personal journals. Dates, names and places have been checked for verification using every source available. TC and I were well aware that in such endeavors (especially when dealing in memory) there are opportunities for errors. In case such errors are discovered we offer our sincere apologies in advance. TC Koo was a most unusual man, as you about to discover. He lived a story matched by few mortals. Serving as an officer in the Chinese Air Force during World War II (as an important member of General Claire Chennault's "Flying Tigers" staff) is only one of many interesting periods in his colorful life. He was appointed to his post, with General Chennault by none other than Generalissimo Chiang Kai?shek himself. He later served as China's Air Force representative on the staff of General Douglas MacArthur during the early stages of the Allied occupation of Japan. TC and I first met in 1973 when he was on a business trip to Illinois. Later when I moved to Taipei to start up an Asian operation for our corporation we renewed our friendship and it grew until we became "bestfriends" by any definition. I was president of three American divisions of Newell/Wearever Corporation before moving to Taiwan in 1985 to organize and operate a joint venture company, specializing in manufacturing selected products. TC Koo's life story unfolded during our many conversations and only after we both retired to our retirement homes in Florida did we decide to write this book. Mr. Koo passed on before publication. I hope you enjoy our joint efforts. William Penn Fallin

Flying Tiger

Author: Jack Samson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762795433
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The Flying Tigers and the U.S. Fourteenth will be the subject of a huge upcoming film from IMAX and director John Woo. The film is scheduled to start shooting in spring 2011 with no firm release date stated yet. The role of Chenault in the film is likely to be the role of a lifetime for a huge star. When a sickly, half-deaf, forty-seven-year-old retired U.S. Army Air Corps Captain went to China in 1937 to survey Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese Air Force, little did the world know this would be the man to stem the Japanese tide in the Far East. Almost every military expert predicted his handful of pilots of the American Volunteer Group would not last three weeks. Yet in seven months in 1942, the AVG, fighting a rear-guard action over Burma, China, Thailand, and French Indonesia, destroyed a confirmed 199 planes, with another 153 “probables” as well. They did this losing only four pilots and twelve P-40s in air combat and sixty-one on the ground. In this definitive biography of General Claire Chennault, veteran reporter Jack Samson offers a rare and fascinating inside look at this legendary man behind the Flying Tigers. Unlike Eisenhower and MacArthur, Chennault was no saintly military leader. He was a chain-smoking, bourbon-drinking, womanizing man. He was the kind of leader his men knew could and did fly better than they--in any kind of plane. But first and last, he was a fighter--a tough, single-minded warrior who was never confused by who the enemy was in Asia, regardless of what the State Department thought. Following Chennault from this command of the Fourteenth U.S. Army Air Force during World War II to the part of his life that is not well known--the intriguing postwar years in China and Formosa, where his Civilian Air Transport (CAT) became the scourge of the Red Chinese--The Flying Tiger is an extraordinary portrait of one of America’s great military commanders.