Facing Globalization In The Himalayas

Author: Gerard Toffin
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 9351500489
Size: 58.83 MB
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This book explores the complex relationships between belonging and globalization in the contemporary Himalayan world and beyond. Over the last decades, the interrelations at local, national, and global scales have intensified in historically unprecedented forms and intensity. At the same time, homogenizing global processes have generated parochial and vernacular reactions. This book aims at developing an appropriate analysis of these interactions and, thus, at supplementing the previous collection on the Politics of Belonging in the Himalayas. This book is the first major study on this topic and a crucial contribution to the study of the current change within the Himalayan societies and their cultures. It is based on several case studies carried out by outstanding anthropologists, geographers, linguists, political scientists working in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas.

Globalization And Marginalization In Mountain Regions

Author: Raghubir Chand
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331932649X
Size: 19.62 MB
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This book looks at the global importance of mountain systems, emphasizing their ecological and socio-economic role in light of climate change and globalization. With a special focus on the Himalayas, it also examines the Czech–German–Austrian mountain borderland, the Alps, the Andes, the highland regions of Malaysia, and the Arctic. The contributors, specialists in their fields, all use an integrative approach that develops and argues the concept of mountain regions as a global common good. Readers also discover that mountain systems and mountain communities are often marginalized and left behind by the process of globalization. Case studies throughout detail the effects of climate change and global warming on both nature and local/regional societies, such as declining water supplies, a shifting vegetation line, and other important issues facing not only mountains but also the vast regions depending on them. In addition, the comprehensive coverage offers authenticated viewpoints from some of the most eminent explorers of Tibet in the nineteenth century. More than 50 percent of the global human population draws benefits directly or indirectly from mountain resources and services. This book provides practitioners, researchers, students, and other interested readers with a compelling look at the global importance of this imposing, yet sensitive ecosystem.

Rituals Of Ethnicity

Author: Sara Shneiderman
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 081229100X
Size: 52.60 MB
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Rituals of Ethnicity is a transnational study of the relationships between mobility, ethnicity, and ritual action. Through an ethnography of the Thangmi, a marginalized community who migrate between Himalayan border zones of Nepal, India and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, Shneiderman offers a new explanation for the persistence of enduring ethnic identities today despite the increasing realities of mobile, hybrid lives. She shows that ethnicization may be understood as a process of ritualization, which brings people together around the shared sacred object of identity. The first comprehensive ethnography of the Thangmi, Rituals of Ethnicity is framed by the Maoist-state civil conflict in Nepal and the movement for a separate state of Gorkhaland in India. The histories of individual nation-states in this geopolitical hotspot—as well as the cross-border flows of people and ideas between them—reveal the far-reaching and mutually entangled discourses of democracy, communism, development, and indigeneity that have transformed the region over the past half century. Attentive to the competing claims of diverse members of the Thangmi community, from shamans to political activists, Shneiderman shows how Thangmi ethnic identity is produced collaboratively by individuals through ritual actions embedded in local, national, and transnational contexts. She builds upon the specificity of Thangmi experiences to tell a larger story about the complexities of ethnic consciousness: the challenges of belonging and citizenship under conditions of mobility, the desire to both lay claim to and remain apart from the civil society of multiple states, and the paradox of self-identification as a group with cultural traditions in need of both preservation and development. Through deep engagement with a diverse, cross-border community that yearns to be understood as a distinctive, coherent whole, Rituals of Ethnicity presents an argument for the continued value of locally situated ethnography in a multi-sited world.

Temperate Horticulture

Author: D. K. Kishore
Publisher: New India Publishing
ISBN: 9788189422363
Size: 45.62 MB
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Temperate Horticulture Is A Very Important Component Of Horticulture As It Is Only Confined To The Hilly Regions Of A Country. For Fruit Crops, It Represents A Group, Which Is Physiologically Diverse From The Sub-Tropical And Tropical Fruit Crops Grown In Other Regions. For Vegetables And Floriculture It Has Immense Potential For The Keeping The Nation Well Supplied With Off-Season And Exotic Vegetables And Flowers All The Year Round.

Kings Of The Forest

Author: Jana Fortier
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824833228
Size: 36.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In today's world hunter-gatherer societies struggle with seemingly insurmountable problems: deforestation and encroachment, language loss, political domination by surrounding communities. Will they manage to survive? This book is about one such society living in the monsoon rainforests of western Nepal: the Raute. Kings of the Forest explores how this elusive ethnic group, the last hunter-gatherers of the Himalayas, maintains its traditional way of life amidst increasing pressure to assimilate Author Jana Fortier examines Raute social strategies of survival as they roam the lower Himalayas gathering wild yams and hunting monkeys. Hunting is part of a symbiotic relationship with local Hindu farmers, who find their livelihoods threatened by the monkeys' raids on their crops. Raute hunting helps the Hindus, who consider the monkeys sacred and are reluctant to kill the animals themselves. Fortier explores Raute beliefs about living in the forest and the central importance of foraging in their lives. She discusses Raute identity formation, nomadism, trade relations, and religious beliefs, all of which turn on the foragers' belief in the moral goodness of their unique way of life. The book concludes with a review of issues that have long been important to anthropologists--among them, biocultural diversity and the shift from an evolutionary focus on the ideal hunter-gatherer to an interest in hunter-gatherer diversity. Kings of the Forest will be welcomed by readers of anthropology, Asian studies, environmental studies, ecology, cultural geography, and ethnic studies.

International Encyclopaedia Of Science And Technology Education 11 Vols Set

Author: Digumarti Bhaskara Rao
Publisher: Discovery Publishing House
ISBN: 9788171415489
Size: 30.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Science and Technology have occupied almost all spheres of human life and living. The wonderful achievements of science and technology have glorified the modern world and transformed the civilization into a scientific and technological civilization. Considering the importance of science and technology, they have been incorporated in every stage of education. This International Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology Education is prepared covering a wide range of aspects related to science and technology education for the benefit of all those who are associated with science and technology education. The Encyclopaedia is consisting of eleven volumes, namely: 1. Science and Technology Education; 2. Science Education in Developing Countries; 3. Organisational Structure of Science; 4. Science Education in Asia and the Pacific; 5. Science and Technology Education for All; 6. Values, Ethics, Talent and Girls in Science and Technology Education; 7. Popularisation of Science and Technology Education; 8. Science Power and Society; 9. Information Technology; 10. Teacher Training in Science and Technology Education; 11. Science, Technology and Society A Curriculum Framework. The policy makers, curriculum designers, educationists, researchers, teachers and students can very effectively use this Encyclopaedia in their academic endeavours. I convey my cordial thanks to UNESCO-PROAP, Bangkok, Thailand; UNESCO-ROSTE, Venice, Italy; UNESCO, Paris, France; IIEP, Paris, France, Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK; UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland, Queen s University, Kingston, Canada; and Alberta Education, Edmonton, Canada for their kind co-operation in preparing this Encyclopaedia.

The Darjeeling Distinction

Author: Sarah Besky
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520957601
Size: 75.51 MB
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Nestled in the Himalayan foothills of Northeast India, Darjeeling is synonymous with some of the finest and most expensive tea in the world. It is also home to a violent movement for regional autonomy that, like the tea industry, dates back to the days of colonial rule. In this nuanced ethnography, Sarah Besky narrates the lives of tea workers in Darjeeling. She explores how notions of fairness, value, and justice shifted with the rise of fair-trade practices and postcolonial separatist politics in the region. This is the first book to explore how fair-trade operates in the context of large-scale plantations. Readers in a variety of disciplines—anthropology, sociology, geography, environmental studies, and food studies—will gain a critical perspective on how plantation life is changing as Darjeeling struggles to reinvent its signature commodity for twenty-first-century consumers. The Darjeeling Distinction challenges fair-trade policy and practice, exposing how trade initiatives often fail to consider the larger environmental, historical, and sociopolitical forces that shape the lives of the people they intended to support.

The Start Up Of You

Author: Reid Hoffman
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 0307888924
Size: 18.30 MB
Format: PDF
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A blueprint for thriving in your job and building a career by applying the lessons of Silicon Valley’s most innovative entrepreneurs. LinkedIn cofounder and chairman Reid Hoffman and author Ben Casnocha show how to accelerate your career in today’s competitive world. The key is to manage your career as if it were a start-up business: a living, breathing, growing start-up of you. Why? Start-ups--and the entrepreneurs who run them--are nimble. They invest in themselves. They build their professional networks. They take intelligent risks. They make uncertainty and volatility work to their advantage. These are the very same skills professionals need to get ahead today. This book isn’t about cover letters or resumes. Instead, you will learn the best practices of Silicon Valley start-ups, and how to apply these entrepreneurial strategies to your career. Whether you work for a giant multinational corporation, a small local business, or launching your own venture, you need to know how to: * Adapt your career plans as you change, the people around you change, and industries change. * Develop a competitive advantage to win the best jobs and opportunities. * Strengthen your professional network by building powerful alliances and maintaining a diverse mix of relationships. * Find the unique breakout opportunities that massively accelerate career growth. * Take proactive risks to become more resilient to industry tsunamis. * Tap your network for information and intelligence that help you make smarter decisions. A revolutionary new guide to thriving in today's fractured world of work, the strategies in this book will help you survive and thrive and achieve your boldest professional ambitions. The Start-Up of You empowers you to become the CEO of your career and take control of your future.

Hungry Planet

Author: Faith d' Aluisio
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 9781580088695
Size: 70.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides an overview of what families around the world eat by featuring portraits of thirty families from twenty-four countries with a week's supply of food.