Essex Class Aircraft Carriers Of The Second World War

Author: Steve Backer
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
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The latest volume covers the hugely important American carrier of the Second World War. Built in larger numbers than any fleet carrier before or since, the Essex class can claim to be the US Navy's most significant weapon in the defeat of Japan. Carrying up to 100 aircraft and capable of absorbing enormous punishment (not one was sunk), they spearheaded the Fast Carrier Task Forces for most of the Pacific War.??The heavily illustrated work contains everything a modeller needs to know about this prolific class.

Us Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942 45

Author: Mark Stille
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1780968108
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Aircraft carriers were the US Navy's principal weapon against Japan during the Pacific War. Development of the Essex class began in 1939, becoming the largest class of carrier ever to be built. Early in the Pacific War it became renowned for its 'Sunday Punch' of 36 fighter planes, 36 dive bombers, and 18 torpedo planes. Alongside the lighter Independence class, these carriers formed the formidable Fast Carrier Force in the Pacific. Featuring artwork detailing the interior and exterior features of the ships, this book explores their design, development, and the action they saw in the Pacific, including the climactic battles of Philippine Sea, Leyte Gulf, and Okinawa.

Aircraft Carriers

Author: Michael E. Haskew
ISBN: 0760348146
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"An illustrated history of the aircraft carrier, from World War I through World War II, the Cold War, and today"--

Essex Class Aircraft Carrier

Author: Frederic P. Miller
Publisher: Alphascript Publishing
ISBN: 9786132829009
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Essex was a class of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy, which constituted the 20th century's most numerous class of heavy warships, with 24 ships built in both short-hull and long-hull versions. Thirty-two were originally ordered, however six were canceled before construction, and two were canceled after construction had begun. The Essex-class carriers were the backbone of the Navy's combat strength during World War II, and along with the addition of the three Midway-class carriers just after the war continued to be until the supercarriers began to come into the fleet in numbers during the 1960s and 1970s.

The Aircraft Carrier Intrepid

Author: John Roberts
ISBN: 9780851779669
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The Essex class fleet aircraft carriers are famous for their effectiveness and reliability as warships and for the great size of the construction programmes of which they formed a part. Intrepid (CV11) was one of 24 such vessels built during and after World War II, the largest class of fleet carriers ever constructed. Carrying 90 aircraft each, they formed the main air strength and striking power of the US Pacific Fleet against the Japanese during 1943-45. both the conventional type of plan and explanatory views are provided, with fully descriptive keys. These are supported by technical details and a record of the ship's service history.

Aircraft Carriers Of The United States Navy

Author: Michael Green
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473854687
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In 1922 the US Navy commissioned its first small experimental aircraft carrier. This was followed into service by two much larger and capable carriers in 1927 with five more being built prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor including three large Yorktown class.??To take the offensive against the Japanese Navy, the American Congress funded by far the largest carrier building programme in history based on the Essex class, a larger version of the pre-war Yorktown vessels. Of the twenty-six ordered, fourteen were commissioned in time to see Second World War service. These were joined by many smaller classes of carriers, including light carriers and escort carriers.?Post-war ever larger and more capable carriers were commissioned. Since 1975, when the first of a fleet of ten nuclear-powered Nimitz class carriers was commissioned, they have epitomized United States superpower status and worldwide power projection. These are due to be replaced in the decades to come with the even more sophisticated nuclear-powered Gerald R. Ford class.??Compiled and written by Michael Green, Aircraft Carriers of the United States Navy contains superb images of all the different types of classes of carriers employed by the US Navy since 1922. These and its highly informative text and captions give the reader a broad overview of this fascinating subject.

Yorktown Class Aircraft Carriers

Author: Roger Chesneau
Publisher: Duckbacks
ISBN: 9781861762207
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The ShipCraft series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeler through a brief history of the subject class, including an extensive photographic survey of either a high-quality model or a surviving example of the ship. Hints on building the model and modifying and improving the basic kit are followed by a section on paint schemes and camouflage, featuring numerous color profiles and highly detailed line drawings. The subject of this volume is the Yorktown class, the near-legendary aircraft carriers that kept the Japanese at bay in the dark days between Pearl Harbor and the decisive battle of Midway, where Yorktown herself was lost. Hornet launched the famous Doolittle Raid before being sunk at Santa Cruz in October 1942, but Enterprise survived the fierce fighting of the early war years to become the U.S. Navy's most decorated ship.

How The War Was Won

Author: Phillips Payson O'Brien
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107014751
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An important new history of air and sea power in World War II and its decisive role in Allied victory.