Ritual Performance And Politics In The Ancient Near East

Author: Lauren Ristvet
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107065216
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In this book, Lauren Ristvet rethinks the narratives of state formation by investigating the interconnections between ritual, performance, and politics in the ancient Near East. She draws on a wide range of archaeological, iconographic, and cuneiform sources to show how ritual performance was not set apart from the real practice of politics; it was politics. Rituals provided an opportunity for elites and ordinary people to negotiate political authority. Descriptions of rituals from three periods explore the networks of signification that informed different societies. From circa 2600 to 2200 BC, pilgrimage made kingdoms out of previously isolated villages. Similarly, from circa 1900 to 1700 BC, commemorative ceremonies legitimated new political dynasties by connecting them to a shared past. Finally, in the Hellenistic period, the traditional Babylonian Akitu festival was an occasion for Greek-speaking kings to show that they were Babylonian and for Babylonian priests to gain significant power.

Forgeries Of Memory And Meaning

Author: Cedric J. Robinson
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1459612310
Size: 39.99 MB
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Cedric J. Robinson offers a new understanding of race in America through his analysis of theater and film of the early twentieth century. He argues that economic, political, and cultural forces present in the eras of silent film and the early "talkies" firmly entrenched limited representations of African Americans. Robinson's analysis marks a new way of approaching the intellectual, political, and media racism present in the beginnings of American narrative cinema.

Black Silent Majority

Author: Michael Javen Fortner
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674743997
Size: 26.78 MB
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Aggressive policing and draconian sentencing have disproportionately imprisoned millions of African Americans for drug-related offenses. Michael Javen Fortner shows that in the 1970s these punitive policies toward addicts and pushers enjoyed the support of many working-class and middle-class blacks, angry about the chaos in their own neighborhoods.

Time Out Shortlist Madrid

Author: Editors of Time Out
Publisher: Time Out Guides
ISBN: 1846701422
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Famed for its wild nights and lazy days, Madrid provides a whole lot more, whether your interests lie in spectacular opera productions or chirpy folkloric zarzuela; in cutting-edge cuisine or ancient, tiled tabernas; in designer-shoe shopping or mooching around flea markets. Written by resident journalists, Time Out Shortlist Madrid also covers the artistic jewels housed in the Prado, Thyssen, and Reina Sofia, as well as the etiquette of watching a bullfight or joining in with a flamenco performance, as well as where to stay and how to escape the city heat. Time Out Shortlist Madrid is the essential companion to this most quintessentially Spanish of cities, with its famed trio of art palaces, its perfectly preserved taverns, its traditional fiestas and its riotious nightlife. Flamenco, film and football are also covered, alongside lodging, dining, museum, partying and shopping recommendations by local journalists.

Commentary On The Torah

Author: Richard Elliott Friedman
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062240935
Size: 67.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In this groundbreaking and insightful new commentary, one of the world's leading biblical scholars unveils the unity and continuity of the Torah for the modern reader. Richard Elliott Friedman, the bestselling author of Who Wrote the Bible?, integrates the most recent discoveries in biblical archaeology and research with the fruits of years of experience studying and teaching the Bible to illuminate the straightforward meaning of the text -- "to shed new light on the Torah and, more important, to open windows through which it sheds its light on us." While other commentaries are generally collections of comments by a number of scholars, this is a unified commentary on the Torah by a single scholar, the most unified by a Jewish scholar in centuries. It includes the original Hebrew text, a new translation, and an authoritative, accessibly written interpretation and analysis of each passage that remains focused on the meaning of the Torah as a whole, showing how its separate books are united into one cohesive, all-encompassing sacred literary masterpiece. This landmark work is destined to take its place as a classic in the libraries of lay readers and scholars alike, as we seek to understand the significance of the scriptural texts for our lives today, and for years to come.

The Penang File Starter Beginner

Author: Richard MacAndrew
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521683326
Size: 67.27 MB
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The British Prince is in Penang, Malaysia. But so is Sergio, and Sergio wants to kill him. Can Ian Munro find Sergio before it is too late?

An Extensive Republic

Author: Robert A. Gross
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807833398
Size: 16.48 MB
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"This impressive collaborative effort by two dozen leading authorities in the field will be essential reading for any serious student of the history of American publishing and print culture during one of its most crucially transformative periods." Lawrence Buell, Harvard University "A magnificent achievement. Brilliant editing and graceful writing shatter many old assumptions about the world of the Founders. Linking intellectual history with politics, social change, and the distinctive experiences of women, African Americans and Indians, An Extensive Republic is the rare reference book that is also a mesmerizing read." Linda K. Kerber, author of No Constitutional Right to Be Ladies: Women and the Obligations of Citizenship "This volume provides a fascinating revisionist history of the United States through its focus on what was printed, how the economy of the book trades worked, who was reading, and what role reading came to assume in all sorts of people's lives. Editors Gross and Kelley make a strong team, and the contributors represent an array of disciplines suitable to the equally wide range of printed material in the United States between 1790 and 1840." Patricia Crain, New York University Volume 2 of A History of the Book in America documents the development of a distinctive culture of print in the new American republic. Between 1790 and 1840 printing and publishing expanded, and literate publics provided a ready market for novels, almanacs, newspapers, tracts, and periodicals. Government, business, and reform drove the dissemination of print. Through laws and subsidies, state and federal authorities promoted an informed citizenry. Entrepreneurs responded to rising demand by investing in new technologies and altering the conduct of publishing. Voluntary societies launched libraries, lyceums, and schools, and relied on print to spread religion, redeem morals, and advance benevolent goals. Out of all this ferment emerged new and diverse communities of citizens linked together in a decentralized print culture where citizenship meant literacy and print meant power. Yet in a diverse and far-flung nation, regional differences persisted, and older forms of oral and handwritten communication offered alternatives to print. The early republic was a world of mixed media.

An Anthropology Of Marxism

Author: Cedric J. Robinson
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781840147001
Size: 77.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Paying particular attention to the impact of social conflicts and political competitions, this book interrogates the social, cultural, institutional and historical materials from which Western "socialisms" emerged. In doing so, it exposes the conceptual boundaries and restraints and narrative and discursive structures, imposed on and by Engels and Marx in the process of giving a "destiny" to scientific socialism.

Crime And Punishment

Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 9780393956238
Size: 45.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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New footnotes have been added, based on discoveries by the leading Soviet Dostoevsky scholar, Sergei Belov. "Backgrounds and Sources", highly praised in the Second Edition, remains unaltered. Included are a detailed map of nineteenth-century St. Petersburg, selections from Dostoevsky's notebooks and letters, and a crucial passage from an early draft of his novel. Noteworthy among the several new "Essays in Criticism" are a little-known but important passage by Leo Tolstoy on Raskolnikov; an essay by Sergei Belov; observations by the Russian literary theoretician and scholar Mikhail Bakhtin; and an essay by the Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz. A Chronology of Dostoevsky's Life and a Selected Bibliography are also included.