City Choreographer

Author: Alison Bick Hirsch
ISBN: 9780816679782
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One of the most prolific and influential landscape architects of the twentieth century, Lawrence Halprin (1916–2009) was best known for the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C., and Sea Ranch, the iconic planned community in California. These projects, as well as vibrant public spaces throughout the country—from Ghirardelli Square and Market Street in San Francisco to Lovejoy Fountain Park in Portland and Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis—grew out of a participatory design process that was central to Halprin's work and is proving ever more relevant to urban design today. In City Choreographer, urban designer and historian Alison Bick Hirsch explains and interprets this creative process, called the RSVP Cycles, referring to the four components: resources, score, valuation, and performance. With access to a vast archive of drawings and documents, Hirsch provides the first close-up look at how Halprin changed our ideas about urban landscapes. As an urban pioneer, he found his frontier in the nation's densely settled metropolitan areas during the 1960s. Blurring the line between observer and participant, he sought a way to bring openness to the rigidly controlled worlds of architectural modernism and urban renewal. With his wife, Anna, a renowned avant-garde dancer and choreographer, Halprin organized workshops involving artists, dancers, and interested citizens that produced “scores,” which then informed his designs. City Choreographer situates Halprin within the larger social, artistic, and environmental ferment of the 1960s and 1970s. In doing so, it demonstrates his profound impact on the shape of landscape architecture and his work's widening reach into urban and regional development and contemporary concerns of sustainability.

The Crisis

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The Crisis, founded by W.E.B. Du Bois as the official publication of the NAACP, is a journal of civil rights, history, politics, and culture and seeks to educate and challenge its readers about issues that continue to plague African Americans and other communities of color. For nearly 100 years, The Crisis has been the magazine of opinion and thought leaders, decision makers, peacemakers and justice seekers. It has chronicled, informed, educated, entertained and, in many instances, set the economic, political and social agenda for our nation and its multi-ethnic citizens.

The Encyclopedia Of New York City

Author: Kenneth T. Jackson
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300182570
Size: 69.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Covering an exhaustive range of information about the five boroughs, the first edition of The Encyclopedia of New York City was a success by every measure, earning worldwide acclaim and several awards for reference excellence, and selling out its first printing before it was officially published. But much has changed since the volume first appeared in 1995: the World Trade Center no longer dominates the skyline, a billionaire businessman has become an unlikely three-term mayor, and urban regeneration—Chelsea Piers, the High Line, DUMBO, Williamsburg, the South Bronx, the Lower East Side—has become commonplace. To reflect such innovation and change, this definitive, one-volume resource on the city has been completely revised and expanded. The revised edition includes 800 new entries that help complete the story of New York: from Air Train to E-ZPass, from September 11 to public order. The new material includes broader coverage of subject areas previously underserved as well as new maps and illustrations. Virtually all existing entries—spanning architecture, politics, business, sports, the arts, and more—have been updated to reflect the impact of the past two decades. The more than 5,000 alphabetical entries and 700 illustrations of the second edition of The Encyclopedia of New York City convey the richness and diversity of its subject in great breadth and detail, and will continue to serve as an indispensable tool for everyone who has even a passing interest in the American metropolis.

Geographies Of Dance

Author: Adam M. Pine
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739171852
Size: 72.67 MB
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This volume provides a theoretical and practical examination of the relationships between bodies, dance and space. Using ten case studies, it illustrates the symbolic power of dance that is crafted by choreographers and acted out by dancers. The book portrays a multitude of ways in which public and private spaces (stages, buildings, town squares as well as natural environments) are transformed and made meaningful by dance. Furthermore, it explores the meaning of dance as emotionally experienced by dancers, and examines how movement in certain spaces creates meaning without the use of words or symbols.

The Advocate

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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers

Author: Martha Bremser
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 113682832X
Size: 74.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A unique and authoritative guide to the lives and work of prominent living contemporary choreographers. Representing a wide range of dance genres, each entry locates the individual in the context of modern dance theatre and explores their impact. Those studied include: Jerome Bel Richard Alston Doug Varone William Forsythe Phillippe Decoufle Jawole Willa Jo Zollar Ohad Naharin Itzik Gallili Twyla Tharp Wim Vandekeybus With a new, updated introduction by Deborah Jowitt and further reading and references throughout, this text is an invaluable resource for all students and critics of dance, and all those interested in the fascinating world of choreography.

Kinesthetic City

Author: SanSan Kwan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199921539
Size: 25.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Kinesthetic City uses choreography as subject and method to explore how movement through particular spaces at precise moments can illuminate the communities in those places and times. It examines the simultaneous persistence and mobility of the idea of Chineseness as it travels across a transnational network of Chinese cities.

Dance In The City

Author: H. Thomas
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230379214
Size: 64.98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This exciting new and original collection locates dance within the spectrum of urban life in late modernity, through a range of theoretical perspectives. It highlights a diversity of dance forms and styles that can be witnessed in and around contemporary urban spaces: from dance halls to raves and the club striptease; from set dancing to ballroom dancing, to hip hop and swing, and to ice dance shows; from the ballet class, to fitness aerobics; and 'art' dance which situates itself in a dynamic relation to the city.

The Encyclop Dia Of Sexual Behaviour

Author: Albert Ellis
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483225100
Size: 39.81 MB
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The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior, Volume 1 is a comprehensive review of the major aspects of the biology, physiology, and anatomy of sex. This book is divided into 57 chapters that also cover the major facets of the emotional, psychological, sociological, legal, anthropological, geographical, and historical aspects of sexuality, including the related fields of love, marriage, and the family. This book deals first with the advances in sex research, the issues on abortion, abstinence, adolescent, sexuality, and the link between sex and aging. The subsequent chapters consider the demographic, geographical, and anthropological aspects of sex; life; the physiology, anatomy, and history of sex; the attitude toward sex; the concept of autoerotism; and the religious view of sex. Other sex-related topics covered include chastity and virginity, child sexuality, nakedness, coitus, contraception, courtship, culture, social dancing, and sex education. This book further discusses the emotional aspects of sex, such as divorce, marriage, extramarital sex relations, family, and reproduction. The remaining chapters look into the issues of hermaphroditism, homosexuality, illegitimacy, impotence, and jealousy. This book is of value to psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, medical practitioners, and researchers and workers in the allied fields.

Art Hats In Renaissance City

Author: Lee Renee Foong Ling
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814630799
Size: 49.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Art Hats in Renaissance City is an anthology of the personal reflections and aspirations of four generations in the new ecostructure in Singapore, from those who help formulate policies to that of the individual artists, who have helped develop and build an exciting arts and cultural scene from scratch and into a viable economic model. As evidenced by the professions featured in this anthology, the scope of work within the creative and cultural industries is diverse, from backgrounds such as history, communications, management, economics, law, science, art, psychology and entertainment. Beyond theory, the anthology offers an authentic voice of real and lived experiences of the go-to people, their personal role in heritage development, and their thoughts and insights on our, albeit developing, art scene since Singapore's independence. In this anthology, discover the following and more! Behind-the-scenes champions of the arts in SingaporeCultural diplomats vs art professionals at workWhat constitutes a conducive art sceneWhich is the most expensive painting a prominent art collector has boughtTalents that know no bounds — beyond disabilitiesWhy "being able to play games" is importantHow museums became popularThe considerations before starting a theatreA career using music to soothe the emotionally and physically disabledTechniques or philosophies behind artwork of some artists including Cultural Medallists Wee Beng Chong, Tan Kian Por, Ho Ho Ying and Tan Swie Hian Contents:Leaders:Preparing for the Creative Economy: The Fusion of Arts, Business and Technology (Tan Chin Nam)The Development of the Cultural Ecosystem in Singapore, 1991–2011: A Personal Journey (Tommy Koh)The Evolving Role of Cultural Administrators in Singapore (Liew Chin Choy)Strategic Intent with Artistic Integrity (Goh Ching Lee)In Making Museums and Heritage Accessible! (Michael Koh)A Knight at the Esplanade (Benson Puah in Dialogue with Renee Lee)Cultural Diplomacy and Singapore Season (Carol Tan)Curators, Critics & Historians:Crossroads of History and Art (Alan Chong)A Museological Challenge: Presenting Living Cultures of the South Asians in a Museum Context in Singapore (Gauri Parimoo Krishnan)A Re-look at the Genesis of the Nanyang School (Kwok Kian Chow)Modern Art in Singapore: Pioneers and Premises (T K Sabapathy)The Slow Burn: Privatised Protest in Recent Contemporary Art from Singapore (Tan Boon Hui)Nan Qi: Authority Sex Money (Chong Huai Seng)Building a Collection (Quek Tse Kwang in Dialogue with Renee Lee)Artists & Practitioners:My Theatre Journey (Nelson Chia)Who's Who Among Asian Americans: The Mind Palace (Renee Lee with Wenhai Ma)Being Human: Music Therapy (Ng Wang Feng)Moving Forward with Tradition: A Personal Dance Journey (Som M Said)Very Special Arts (Yeo Lanxi)A Vision and a Mission: Development of Nanyang Inspired Music (Eric Watson with Tsung Yeh)Arts Scene (Adrian Pang)A Passion for Art, A Passion for Life (Benjamin Chee)Academicians:Music in Singapore since the 60s: A Personal Account (Bernard Tan)Music Education in 21st Century Singapore (Eleanor A L Tan & Chee Hoo Lum)Contemporaneous, Contemporisation, Contemporary Expressions in Dance (Caren Carino)New Asian Imaginations (Michael Sullivan)Cultural Medallion Visual Artists (Renee Lee)1980s and Beyond at NAFA (Chiew Sien Kuan & Boo Sze Yang)Education and Career (Guo Liang)Balancing an Academic with Artistic Career (Joyce Koh)Poem (Edwin Thumboo) Readership: General public; aspiring artists and artistes pursuing a career in the arts. Keywords:Art Education;Renaissance City;Singapore Art Scene