Not By Bread Alone

Author: Robert Nalbandov
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 1612347983
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Since its independence in 1991, Russia has struggled with the growing pains of defining its role in international politics. After Vladimir Putin ascended to power in 2000, the country undertook grandiose foreign policy projects in an attempt to delineate its place among the world's superpowers. With this in mind, Robert Nalbandov examines the milestones of Russia's international relations since the turn of the twenty-first century. He focuses on the specific goals, engagement practices, and tools used by Putin's administration to promote Russia's vital national and strategic interests in specific geographic locations. His findings illuminate Putin's foreign policy objective of reinstituting Russian global strategic dominance. Nalbandov argues that identity-based politics have dominated Putin's tenure and that Russia's east/west split is reflected in Asian-European politics. Nalbandov's analysis shows that unchecked domestic power, an almost exclusive application of hard power, and determined ambition for unabridged global influence and a defined place as a world superpower are the keys to Putin's Russia.

Not By Bread Alone

Author: Genevieve Glen
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814647359
Size: 73.61 MB
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Prayerfully journey through Lent with Sister Genevieve Glen’s fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass readings. In just minutes per day, the insightful meditations of Not by Bread Alone can deepen your experience of this solemn season of prayer and penance and prepare you to participate more fully in the joy of the great Easter mystery.

By Bread Alone

Author: Lester R. Brown
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483279251
Size: 26.63 MB
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By Bread Alone is an interdisciplinary analysis of the global food situation and food production prospects. It examines the problems posed by the new international order, as well as the policy alternatives open to mankind. It also discusses the role of the United States, the world's breadbasket, in addressing the food crisis, particularly in shaping the "rules of the game" for access to raw materials, for expanding production, and for establishing global reserves. Comprised of 17 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the changing face of food shortage, together with the history and geography of malnutrition. The evolution of agriculture and famine in human history are considered, along with the impact of population growth and rising affluence on food supply. Subsequent chapters explore how the world's food systems are being undermined by ecological events such as climate change, deforestation, and eutrophication of lakes and streams; the growing problem of food insecurity; and the global politics of food scarcity. The next section deals with four basic resources relevant to food supply: land, water, energy, and fertilizer. Finally, policy recommendations aimed at addressing the global food problem are given. This monograph will be of interest to politicians and policymakers.

Not By Bread Alone

Author: Melissa L. Caldwell
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520937253
Size: 75.90 MB
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What Muscovites get in a soup kitchen run by the Christian Church of Moscow is something far more subtle and complex—if no less necessary and nourishing—than the food that feeds their hunger. In Not by Bread Alone, the first full-length ethnographic study of poverty and social welfare in the postsocialist world, Melissa L. Caldwell focuses on the everyday operations and civil transactions at CCM soup kitchens to reveal the new realities, the enduring features, and the intriguing subtext of social support in Russia today. In an international food aid community, Caldwell explores how Muscovites employ a number of improvisational tactics to satisfy their material needs. She shows how the relationships that develop among members of this community—elderly Muscovite recipients, Russian aid workers, African student volunteers, and North American and European donors and volunteers—provide forms of social support that are highly valued and ultimately far more important than material resources. In Not by Bread Alone we see how the soup kitchens become sites of social stability and refuge for all who interact there—not just those with limited financial means—and how Muscovites articulate definitions of hunger and poverty that depend far more on the extent of one’s social contacts than on material factors. By rethinking the ways in which relationships between social and economic practices are theorized—by identifying social relations and social status as Russia’s true economic currency—this book challenges prevailing ideas about the role of the state, the nature of poverty and welfare, the feasibility of Western-style reforms, and the primacy of social connections in the daily lives of ordinary people in post-Soviet Russia.

Not By Bread Alone

Author: Robert Morneau
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814633102
Size: 61.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Find spiritual sustenance for the season of Lent in Bishop Morneaus reflections on the daily Mass readings. Not by Bread Alone offers a short collection of insightful meditations that focus on Lenten themes of repentance and redemption, sacrifice and salvationas well as the Easter promise of resurrection and new life. With Scripture as the foundation for each days brief entry, readers will find the guidance they need to become closer to Gods word during this holy time of year. The short yet significant reflections in this pocket-sized book make it simple for even the busiest person to make prayer a priority throughout the Lenten journey.

Not By Bread Alone

Author: Richard M. Gray
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449770827
Size: 43.11 MB
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What was the core message of Jesus of Nazareth? It is there in the opening chapter of the gospel of Mark: “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand.” That “kingdom,” of course, is not one of this world but one of the spirit, which Jesus stated clearly to Pontius Pilate. And just as we need food (the staple of which is bread) to live in the world, we also need spiritual food to live in the world of the spirit. The purpose of this little volume is to help provide a small ration of such food every week of the year. From Emeritus New Testament Professor of San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union, Herman Waetjen: “I have found Gray’s poems to be soulful and profound. They express the pioneering of Jesus of Nazareth in a fresh and original way.”

Not By Bread Alone

Author: Greg Hinnant
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1616386886
Size: 34.55 MB
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Excellent nutrition alone sustains most once-born people, but not spiritually reborn Christians. We need more.