Pieter Bruegel The Elder

Author: Pieter Bruegel
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 0870999915
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Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525/30-1569) was a remarkable draftsman and designer of prints as well as a great painter. His independent drawings and designs for engravings and etchings, which were carried out by the leading printmakers of his day, have fascinated scholars and the general public alike since they were created. They have recently been the subject of research that has given rise to a reevaluation of the parameters of Bruegel's oeuvre. The new scholarship has been brought to bear in the texts of the present volume, which accompanies a major exhibition of 140 of Bruegel's prints and drawings to be shown at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, from May to August 2001 and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, from September to December 2001. An international group of experts discusses the new Bruegel who has emerged from recent studies, in essays on the artist's life, his contributions as a draftsman and as a printmaker, the survival of his art, and his relationship to the humanism of his day. They also illuminate his genius in entries on all the works in the exhibition. Every work is illustrated and rich comparative illustrations are included. Provenances an

Bruegel Or The Workshop Of Dreams

Author: Claude-Henri Rocquet
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226723426
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This historical novel examines the life of the sixteenth century artist, and looks at the events of that time

Bruegel To Rubens

Author: Desmond Shawe-Taylor
Publisher: Royal Collection
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It is said that much of the greatest art is produced during periods of strife. In the mid-16th century, the Netherlands – the United Provinces in the north (modern Holland) and the Spanish-ruled south (modern Belgium) – was the most sophisticated society in Europe, but its learning and luxury industries were all but annihilated by the so-called Dutch Revolt and by the Eighty Years War that followed (1568-1648). Two-thirds of the works discussed here were painted during this turbulent period, including Pieter Bruegel's Massacre of the Innocents of 1567. Other highlights include works by his son Jan Brueghel, while the Twelve Year's Truce (1609-21) is celebrated by a group of landscapes (including three by Rubens) depicting the blessings of peace and the fertility of the region. During the Renaissance the Low Countries attained a flawless technique of painting and the highest standards of craftsmanship. This tradition survived during even the worst years of the war. Everyone is familiar with the Golden Age of Dutch Art; this is an opportunity to explore its no less glorious Flemish counterpart.

Graphic Worlds Of Peter Bruegel The Elder

Author: H. Arthur Klein
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486795411
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Renowned for his effervescent and rollicking paintings of Flemish life, Peter Bruegel the Elder also holds a place among the world's finest engraving designers. This collection contains 64 of his engravings plus a woodcut, arranged in two parts. The first depicts the outer world of nature and man, including landscapes, ships and the sea, and memorable portraits of sixteenth-century Flanders citizens, from aristocrats and burghers to villagers and peasants. The second part envisions the inner worlds of imagination, morality, and religion with scenes from the Gospels and Apocrypha. In addition, the book offers cogent and stimulating commentaries by H. Arthur Klein that provide details of Bruegel's life and influences as well as his techniques. Many of these prints served as models for subsequent Bruegel canvases, and each image is accompanied by an essay that places it within its historical context. A unique survey of the best and most magical work of one of history's greatest printmakers, this volume offers a prized addition to the collections of all connoisseurs, especially those interested in the art of engraving.

Pieter Bruegel And The Art Of Laughter

Author: Walter S. Gibson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520245210
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"In Pieter Bruegel and the Art of Laughter Walter Gibson makes it abundantly clear that laughter is a key feature in many of Bruegel's works. He examines witty and humorous elements in Bruegel's paintings, prints, and drawings and creates a context for understanding them as part of sixteenth-century culture. The material Gibson brings to bear on Bruegel will be new to many. This book will appeal to art historians and anyone interested in sixteenth-century thought and culture."—John Oliver Hand, Curator of Northern Renaissance Paintings at the National Gallery of Art, Washington "This book offers a much needed, and long overdue alternative to the primarily moralizing approach to Northern Renaissance and Baroque art and the works of Pieter Bruegel. Walter Gibson goes way beyond what art history has offered to date, giving a new, more balanced reading of Bruegel's art."—Alison Stewart, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln "In Pieter Bruegel and the Art of Laughter Walter Gibson offers a marvelously engaging antidote to the hermetic readings that have plagued the interpretation of Bruegel's works for far too long. The book provides an abundance of evidence for the importance of laughter in the responses these works were intended to provoke, illuminating not only the paintings and prints of this much misunderstood artist, but also the role of laughter in sixteenth-century culture as a whole."—David Freedberg, Professor of Art History at Columbia University

Bruegel And The Creative Process 1559 1563

Author: Margaret A. Sullivan
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780754669791
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The art Bruegel produced between 1559 and 1563 presents a rare opportunity to investigate a concentrated period of productivity by one of the world's great artists. In this comprehensive study, Margaret Sullivan accounts for this burst of Bruegel's creativity, its innovation and its brevity, by considering all aspects of the creative process from the technical problems of picture-making to the constraints imposed by the dangerous religious and political situation.

Pieter Bruegel The Elder

Author: Pieter Bruegel
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Size: 60.89 MB
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Traces the development of the elder Bruegel's style through a text and numerous reproductions of his paintings

Painting Life

Author: Robert L. Bonn
Publisher: Robert Bonn
ISBN: 9781884092121
Size: 51.19 MB
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In this book, Dr. Robert L. Bonn examines the "something more" in the paintings of the old master Flemish artist, Pieter Bruegel, The Elder, and conveys insights, not only into 16th century Flemish society but also into our own lives in the 21st century. As you read this book, you will see how Bruegel's scenes capture the universal conditions of conflict, work, play, folly and chaos, as well as innumerable pieces of biblical and folk wisdom.