The Old Ball Game

Author: Frank Deford
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 1555846270
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In The Old Ball Game, Frank Deford, NPR sports commentator and Sports Illustrated journalist retells the story of an unusual friendship between two towering figures in baseball history. At the turn of the twentieth century, Christy Mathewson was one of baseball's first superstars. Over six feet tall, clean cut, and college educated, he didn't pitch on the Sabbath and rarely spoke an ill word about anyone. He also had one of the most devastating arms in all of baseball. New York Giants manager John McGraw, by contrast, was ferocious. The pugnacious tough guy was already a star infielder who, with the Baltimore Orioles, helped develop a new, scrappy style of baseball, with plays like the hit-and-run, the Baltimore chop, and the squeeze play. When McGraw joined the Giants in 1902, the Giants were coming off their worst season ever. Yet within three years, Mathewson clinched New York City's first World Series for McGraw's team by throwing three straight shutouts in only six days, an incredible feat that is invariably called the greatest World Series performance ever. Because of their wonderful odd-couple association, baseball had its first superstar, the Giants ascended into legend, and baseball as a national pastime bloomed.

At The Old Ballgame

Author: Jeff Silverman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 149300722X
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Before multimillion-dollar salaries, luxury boxes, and player strikes became synonymous with professional sports, there existed the belief in playing simply "for the love of the game." Nothing captures that spirit better than these twenty classic pieces about America's favorite pastime. Collected here are the writings of Ring Lardner, Zane Grey, the Giants' immortal Christy Mathewson, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Finley Peter Dunne (who for a time was America's most popular humorist after Mark Twain), Burt Standish (creator of that all-American hero, Frank Merriwell), and many more. Baseball's golden era may have long since passed, but in the pages of CLASSIC BASEBALL STORIES, you can still sit in the bleachers for a nickel. Relive the golden era of baseball with timeless classics from: Albert G. Spalding Henry Chadwick Ernest Lawrence Thayer Grantland Rice Sol White Brig. Gen. Fredrick Funston Zane Grey Candy Cummings Alfred H. Spink Burt L. Standish Lester Chadwick Finley Peter Dunne Christy Mathewson Damon Runyon Grover Cleveland Alexander Gerald Beaumont Ring Lardner Hugh Fullerton Ralph D. Blanpied Charles E. Van Loan P.G. Wodehouse

Out At The Old Ball Game

Author: Bernie Bookbinder
Publisher: Bridge Works Publishing Company
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Initially appalled by his star player's revelation, the manager of the New York Gents decides to reveal his other gay players, recruit them into the first all-homosexual team, and show them how to turn derision into respect. IP.

Baseball And The Pursuit Of Innocence

Author: Richard Skolnik
Publisher: TAMU Press
Size: 66.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Just when you thought everything had been written about baseball, along comes this remarkably fresh look at "the old ball game", together with a provocative series of inquiries that redirect our thinking about the game. Is baseball really like life? How does it reflect a more traditional moral universe? What is the current preoccupation with statistics doing to the game? Why is there so much talking and arguing in baseball? Does baseball consciously reenact the mythology of the Old West? In this sophisticated, literate, and thoroughly entertaining book, Richard Skolnik addresses these and many other intriguing questions while he explores the underlying tensions in the nation's pastime. On the surface, baseball seems to reflect old, unchanging, more innocent traditions - a harking back to a rural past, a simpler time. But how does that idealistic image jibe with the modern era of big-business baseball, where money considerations dominate, free-agency erodes established loyalties, and specialists are more common than players with all-around skills? Skolnik tellingly probes the symbols of baseball and examines the way the game is played and the way it is viewed and interpreted. As debate builds in the sports community over the future of the game, the consideration of these tensions takes on a special significance and even poignancy. Skolnik finds that perhaps even in its contradictions, baseball can still be interpreted as a living symbol and expression of America. But no baseball book should be too serious. Juicy quotations from the players, dramatic incidents, lively play-by-play accounts, and turn-of-the-century illustrations add spice and zest to a book that every thoughtful fan ofbaseball is certain to savor.

The Old Ballgame

Author: Tom Seaver
ISBN: 9780385510370
Size: 45.92 MB
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Collects the favorite baseball memories of some of the game's most influential past and current players, including Cal Ripken, Jr., Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Yogi Berra, Nolan Ryan, and Hank Aaron.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Author: Maryann Kovalski
Publisher: Richmond Hill, Ont. : Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 9780590743150
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The lyrics of the familiar song, with illustrations showing two baseball-mad girls enjoying a ball game with their grandmother.

Anetso The Cherokee Ball Game

Author: Michael J. Zogry
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807898201
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Anetso, a centuries-old Cherokee ball game still played today, is a vigorous, sometimes violent activity that rewards speed, strength, and agility. At the same time, it is the focus of several linked ritual activities. Is it a sport? Is it a religious ritual? Could it possibly be both? Why has it lasted so long, surviving through centuries of upheaval and change? Based on his work in the field and in the archives, Michael J. Zogry argues that members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation continue to perform selected aspects of their cultural identity by engaging in anetso, itself the hub of an extended ceremonial complex, or cycle. A precursor to lacrosse, anetso appears in all manner of Cherokee cultural narratives and has figured prominently in the written accounts of non-Cherokee observers for almost three hundred years. The anetso ceremonial complex incorporates a variety of activities which, taken together, complicate standard scholarly distinctions such as game versus ritual, public display versus private performance, and tradition versus innovation. Zogry's examination provides a striking opportunity for rethinking the understanding of ritual and performance as well as their relationship to cultural identity. It also offers a sharp reappraisal of scholarly discourse on the Cherokee religious system, with particular focus on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation.